Dying Light 2 All Bandit Camp Locations

Get ready to liberate Villedor! Here are all the Bandit Camp locations in the game.

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All of the bandit camp locations in Dying Light 2: Stay Human are listed below. Included are instructions on how to locate all bandit camps around the various districts within The City, as well as information on how to obtain the Flag Burning and Ban Hammer trophies, among other things.

The following is a comprehensive list of all bandit camps encountered during the main plot quest of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. You can build a safe zone after liberating a region by eliminating the bandits who have taken up residence in the camp.

Dying Light 2 has multiple bandit camps which are huge structures filled with Renegades and a mini-boss you have to defeat in order to liberate. These bandit camps, as well as the enemies themselves, contain some useful loot that can be collected by players. In the game, there are a total of four (4) bandit camps that must be captured. Here are all the bandit camp locations in Dying Light 2.

All 4 Bandit Camp Locations in Dying Light 2

The Bandit Camps are scattered throughout Villedor in Dying Light 2 throughout different locations. There are only 4 Bandit Camps in total which isn’t that many.

Before you can even get to raiding bandit camps, you must progress to a certain point in the story. You won’t be able to find any of them until you hit the main story mission, The Raid. After this, you’ll be able to find them across The City. Here is where you can find them.

Bandit Camp


Downtown Thugs

East of Downtown district. The bandits will be patrolling the rooftops.

Garrison Heights

Southwest of Garrison district above the skyscrapers. Enemies will be patrolling the nearby areas.

Heron Renegados

Southeast corner of Lower Dam Ayre which can be reached by going up the bridge.

Jack and Joe’s Camp

Liberated as part of the main story quest The Raid in Horseshoe district.

Downtown Thugs - Dying Light 2 All Bandit Camp Locations

Downtown Thugs – Downtown

Downtown Thugs is located east of Downtown district, on one of the rooftops. It also has a GRE container located just across from it and a Military Airdrop at the roof. You can find several GRE Containers inside during or before liberating it.

  • Located east of Downtown district
  • Can be liberated at any time
  • Bandits patrolling the rooftops
  • Several GRE containers inside and one across
  • Military Airdrop on the roof

Garrison Heights – Garrison

Garrison Heights can be found southwest of Garrison district. This bandit camp reigns high above the skyscrapers its perched in. Noted for being the “tallest bandit camp” in the game. Be careful not to fall.

  • Located southwest of Garrison district
  • Bandits patrolling nearby the area
  • Very easy to slip and fall

Heron Renegados – Lower Dam Ayre

Heron Renegados lie in the southeast of Lower Dam Ayre. You have to cross the bridge to be able to enter the bandit camp. The bandit camp lie in the rooftops of the isolated island.

  • Southeast of Lower Dam Ayre
  • Large bandit camp
Jack and Joe's Camp - Dying Light 2 All Bandit Camp Locations

Jack and Joe’s Camp – Horseshoe

Jack and Joe’s Camp is the very first bandit camp, and is part of a story mission. This is just a tutorial for how to handle bandit camps you find in the open world. Attacking this bandit camp is unavoidable as it is part of the main story quest, The Raid.

  • Located in North of Horseshoe
  • Cannot be liberated before The Raid story quest
What Are Bandit Camps In Dying Light 2? - Dying Light 2 All Bandit Camp Locations

What Are Bandit Camps In Dying Light 2?

Bandit camps are large structures which functions as base camps for bandits and Renegades, which is Dying Light 2’s hostile faction. They’re pretty difficult to liberate and are somewhat identical to the enemy outposts from Far Cry.

Liberating Bandit Camps in Dying Light 2 nets you some pretty good items, decent EXP for both parkour and Combat, as well as unlock a new Safe Zone where you rest, store items, and alternate the day and night cycle.

Bandit Camps are always populated by mini-bosses which you have to beat before liberating. They’re these massive berserkers who somehow found enough protein in the zombie apocalypse and carry these sluggish, hard-hitting two handed weapons.

You’ll also have to face a plethora of other human enemies in the camp. If you’re not careful, bandits can swarm and overwhelm you.

Once the coast is clear, you can claim the flag tower inside the Bandit Camp to liberate it. You don’t need to kill every bandit in the camp to do this, but you will lose out on all the loot inside.

Liberating Bandit Camp Trophies in Dying Light 2

You can achieve two trophies associated with liberating Bandit Camps in Dying Light 2.

Ban Hammer Dying Light 2 TrophyBan Hammer
Liberate all the Bandit Camps
Flag Burning Dying Light 2 TrophyFlag Burning
Liberate your first Bandit Camp

Keep in mind that liberating all the Bandit Camps is a requirement if you want to platinum Dying Light 2.

Tips on Liberating Bandit Camps in Dying Light 2

When you’re preparing to raid a bandit camp, we offer a few tips before you attempt to liberate any of them in Dying Light 2.

  • Take out many Bandits using stealth. They can quickly overwhelm you in numbers if you take them head on.
  • When caught, don’t be afraid to use hit and run tactics. Bandits don’t respawn unless you head too far. So you can exit the base, heal up, get your bearings, and try again.
  • Utilized the bow in Dying Light 2. We have a guide for bows in Dying Light 2. If you want to specifically be a Ranger in the game, take out enemies silently, zombify them from a distance, and kill lookouts stationed in high places then you’ll find the bow to be incredibly useful.
  • Throw enemies to spikes. There are traps in the wall you can throw and kick enemies into. Those will kill them in one shot. You can also throw them off rooftops since 3 out of 4 Bandit Camps in Dying Light 2 are located in some really high places.

And those are all the tips we can offer for liberating Bandit Camps in Dying Light 2.

Also check out this video by Dainghia25 on How to Capture Bandit Camp Downtown Thugs:

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