Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough Guide

A complete guide on how to beat the first level in Escape Academy.

The Escape Academy Prologue, which is often referred to as “Introductions”, is the first level that you’ll need to complete when you initially start the game.

Escape Academy lets you take on the role of a fresh student at a school that prepares future spies, hackers, and thieves. You’ll search areas for clues and use them to solve puzzles just like in actual escape rooms. Each stage has a set of interconnected riddles that must be solved.

As such, we’ve put together a walkthrough guide to help you out on the path to solving the game’s puzzles. Here’s what you need to do.

A dungeon room awaits you when the game starts, and the goal is to get out before the clock strikes zero! Ten minutes to get out of the room, and you’ll have plenty of things to interact with. So make you you follow the instructions detailed below.

Open the Locked Chest

  • To begin, have a look at the note placed on the platform near the door. You’ll see that some words have been Underlined, which states “Look at clock to open lock.” It suggests that you check at the room’s clock to access the locked chest.
  • After that, head to the clock on the right side of the chest and interact with the note. It states that “The clock is broken, so assume it’s 12:30.”
  • Now proceed to interact with the chest and set the padlock’s numbers to 1-2-3-0, and it should now be unlocked! You will find a piece of paper inside that has an image of a glass along with the following clue: Blue Yellow Red Red, along with a blue goblet with letter F on it.

Find Goblets for Clues to Open the Safe

Your next objective will be to locate the remaining Goblets and open the safe in the corner. The other two can be found elsewhere in the room.

  • A trash can may be found to the right of the door. The yellow goblet with the letter R on it can be found within. A cardboard box by the lamp can be found to the left of the door. The red goblet with the letter E on it can be found within.
  • Now look at your Mysterious Clue in your inventory. To begin with, you’ll see a goblet picture with spots of color that progress from blue to yellow to red. Each color matches to the letter on the respective goblets.
  • Head over to the safe, use the keypad on it and type in the letters F-R-E-E to open it. You’ll find the Key of Truth inside. Pick it up and use it to open the door, the path ahead will take you to the lobby.

Solve the TV Puzzle

As you enter the lobby, you’ll notice that everyone has disappeared. Your next objective is to unlock the toilet door which unlocks a path to finish the prologue. Here’s how you do it.

  • To begin, take note of the directions displayed below the shirts on the wall to your right. Now input those arrows into the TV remote on the left in order: Up-Right-Down-Up-Right. By doing that, the TV should switch to a screen with three code words: WRO, NYVVR, and RRY.

Solve the Back Room Puzzle

  • Now head over to the bulletin board next to the vending machine, and take three Biz Cards from it: JEB, ALLIE, and E.E.L. These are going to come in handy a little bit later on.
  • You can enter a back room via the door on the right of the bulletin board, where you can use the Biz Cards to decipher the words on the TV. As soon as you step inside, there will be three scanners and a plaque showing a fish along the back wall, and a chart of letters that resembles a Ouija board across it.
  • You can decipher the words on the TV by using the chart as follows:
    • WRO is now JEB, NVYYR is now ALLIE, and RRY is now EEL (They’re the names on the Biz Cards you’ve taken).
  • Now proceed to the scanners located on the back wall. Place the 3 biz cards on each corresponding scanner and arrange them in the correct order: JEB-ALLIE-EEL. When you do this, you’ll see the plaque rise over the scanners, allowing you to take up the Key of Lies.
  • Proceed back into the lobby and search for the toilet door that is located at the building’s entrance. Use the key to unlock the door.
  • From there, enter the stall marked “Out of Order” and make your way down the stairs to complete the prologue.

Just follow those steps and you’ll finish Escape Academy Prologue in no time. For more Escape Academy walkthroughs, you can check out our related Escape Academy Articles here.

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