Escape Academy The Tea Kettle Walkthrough Guide

A guide on how to complete The Tea Kettle level in Escape Academy.

Escape Academy The Tea Kettle cover

The Tea Kettle is a level in Escape Academy where players will need to prepare a cup of tea using the ingredients found in the garden. However, a lot of things need to be done first in order to pour a hot fresh cup.

In this guide, we will be walking you through The Tea Kettle level by showing you what to look for and how to solve the puzzles.

How to unlock The Tea Kettle level in Escape Academy

The Tea Kettle level will be unlocked after completing The Breakout level.

Upon arriving at the Academy’s greenhouse, you will be introduced to Professor Bonilla who is the head botanist of the Academy. Your main objective is to create a cup of tea for her using only the items found within the greenhouse. You will only have 25 minutes to clear the level.

Grab the Garden Shovel and Dig

From the entrance of the greenhouse, head to the left side and grab the Garden Shovel from the garden bed. Then, head to the right side and dig the X-marked garden beads to find the Sereni-Tea Seed and the Professor’s Necklace.

The code is ABKZ

Open the Shed

In the middle of the greenhouse is a tree with initials A.B. carved on the trunk. Together with the K.Z. initials on the necklace, putting in ABKZ on the combination lock will open the shed.

Rearrange the tools in the right order

Find the Chainsaw and get the Strange Tiles

Inside the shed, there is a display case with different colored cups in a sequence, while on the opposite side are a bunch of tools that are hung on the pegboard. Rearrange the tools on the pegboard similar to the colors of the cups in the display case, or by this way: wrench, paintbrush, paintbrush, pipe wrench, pipe wrench, paintbrush, paintbrush, wrench.

Get all the strange tiles for later

After arranging the tools, the pegboard will slide down and reveal a Chainsaw. Before exiting the shed, check inside the box in the middle of the shed and get the four Strange Tiles.

Enter the Greenhouse Lab

Right beside the shed, use the Chainsaw to cut the overgrown vines and get access to the greenhouse lab.

While inside the lab, pay attention to the charts and posters on the walls of the lab: The Plant Cell poster, Chloroplasts to DNA chart, and the Seed Weight Analysis chart.

Count the number of chloroplasts

Get the Sereni-Tea Leaves

Take the seed over to the far end of the lab and put it on the electric scale to weight it. The seed should register as weighing 0.26g, and based on the Seed Weight Analysis chart, that weight matches the GTT- code.

Use the Sereni-Tea Seed on the microscope and count the number of chloroplasts in its plant cell (use the poster as reference for the cell parts). The seed should have 8 chloroplasts in the cell, and based on the Chloroplast to DNA chart, 8 chloroplasts are coded as -TAG.

Then, head to the tank that holds the Sereni-Tea leaves and enter the code GTT-TAG to flush the liquid out of the tank and be able to get the leaves inside.

Solve the chart to unlock the cabinet

Refuel the Chainsaw

Head back to the right side of the greenhouse and go to the storage cabinet. The lock for this cabinet will require you to complete the plant genealogy to unlock it. You’ll nee to put the right Strange Tile on the right spaces to do so.

The solution for this lock, from top to bottom, left to right:

  • green radial flower
  • green bell flower
  • black-white radial flower
  • blue radial flower

Use the red container to refuel the chainsaw, then grab one of the Propane Tanks for use later.

Inside the butterfly house

Enter the Butterfly House

Use the chainsaw once again to hack the overgrown leaves to get access to the butterfly house.

Follow the conditions to attract the butterflies

Rearrange the Flowers

On the left side of the butterfly house, there is a note which is the Research Findings that lists down the conditions of the flower arrangement in order to attract the butterflies. Take note of these and then go to the glass wall where you can rearrange the flowers on the other side through glove holes. The proper arrangement of the flowers is, from left to right: D, C, A, B, E.

Look at the color of the butterfly on each flower

Open the Cabinet and get the Bee-B-Gone

Opening the cabinet on the right side requires another code. Written below the button on the cabinet’s door is a clue on how to open it, with some of the initial letters encased in brackets: B, A, D, B, E, E

Refer back to the arranged flowers, pay attention to the color of the butterflies on top of the flowers in the order of the letters in the code, and press the buttons in the same color order. The solution for this puzzle is: pink, green, blue, pink, yellow, yellow.

Afterwards, grab the Bee-B-Gone from inside the cabinet, throw it at the bees outside the butterfly house, and turn the wheel to open the water valve.

Make some tea

Brew some Tea

Head back to the center of the greenhouse and replace the empty propane tank with a full one. Then, open the faucet to pour in some water into the pot, and place the Sereni-Tea leaves in it. Congratulations! You’ve made some tea.

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