Escape Academy Trial By Taste Walkthrough Guide

A guide on how to complete the Trial By Taste level in Escape Academy.

Escape Academy Trial by Taste cover

Trial By Taste is a level in Escape Academy where players will have to solve puzzles to drink a very special milkshake. However, this milkshake isn’t what its seems.

In this guide, we will be walking you through the Trial By Taste level by showing you what to look for and how to solve the puzzles.

How to unlock the Trial By Taste level in Escape Academy

The Trial By Taste Level is unlocked once The Breakout level has been cleared.

You meet Jeb inside the Academy’s cafeteria where he prepared his special milkshake for you to try. However, this milkshake has been locked under a cloche and you’ll have to find the keys to get it out.

Free the Milkshake

There will be 10 minutes for this first part of the level. You’ll have to find three Funky Forks to use as keys to open the padlocks on the chained cloche that is holding the milkshake.

The first Funky Fork
  • Get the first Funky Fork

To get the first Funky Fork, you’ll just have to wait by the conveyor belt until your see a plate come out that has the fork on top of it.

The second Funky Fork
  • Get the second Funky Fork

To get the second Funky Fork, head for the food display case and get the fork from one of the trays.

The third Funky Fork
  • Get the third Funky Fork

The third Funky Fork is inside the microwave, however you’ll need to break two of its tines to be able to use it as a key.

First, head to the Microwave Chart and take note of the time for heating Unidentified Meat which is 3:35. Then, grab the Fire Extinguisher from the wall. Head to the microwave and put in 3:35 as the time. As the microwave catches fire, use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames. You can then get the third Funky Fork from inside the microwave.

Use the forks that match the keyholes on the locks

After getting all three forks, go to the cloche and use the forks to open the padlocks. The keyholes under the locks will show what key goes in it depending on the number and position of the forks’ tines. Once all locks are opened, lift the cloche, drink the milkshake and prepare for the second round of the level.

Find the Antidote

After drinking the milkshake, you’ll find yourself sick and poisoned. Your next task is to find the recipe for the antidote, create the antidote and drink it to cure the poison. You’ll only have 15 minutes to clear this challenge.

  • Check the Toaster

Head to the Toaster at the counter and interact with it to make its content fly out. You’ll then see a sequence of bread and donuts which will be the code to open a lock. The code goes like this: square, donut, crescent, square.

  • Enter the Freezer

Go to the locked door to the freezer and use the code from the toaster to open the lock; the code goes from top to bottom. While inside the freezer, check the left shelf to get an Ice Cube (With Key) and check the right shelf to get a Knife.

While in here, pay attention to the food pyramid chart and where the food groups are on it. Meat and dairy are on top, vegetables on the left, fruits on the right, and bread and pastry on the bottom.

Melt the ice to get the key
  • Get the Key

Head back out to the kitchen and put the ice cube on the pan with boiling sauce to melt the ice and get the key. Use this key to open the door that leads to the dining area.

Pay attention on the color of the layers
  • Slice the Cake

Go to the far left side of the dining area to find a cake on a table. Use the Knife to cut a slice off the cake and reveal its layers. Pay attention to the color of the layers which looks like this, from top to bottom: red, yellow, pink, blue.

  • Open the Lock

Just on top of the next table is a locked box. Use the color of the cake layer as a clue to unlock the lock, which goes like this, from top to bottom: red triangle, yellow pentagon, pink diamond, blue star. You will then get the Encyclopedia of Poisons from inside the box.

Clean the dirty plate in the kitchen sink
  • Extinguish the Fireplace

Go to the fireplace and put out the fire using the fire extinguisher. You’ll then get a Dirty Plate from the cinders. Head back to the kitchen and go to the sink to wash the plate and get a Cryptic Plate.

Use the Cryptic Plate to solve the tray puzzle
  • Solve the Cryptic Plate

The Cryptic Plate tells that you should find the salt shaker, which can be found on a condiments tray on the table in the dining area. Go to the side of the table where you can face the wall and then turn the tray based on the instruction on the plate: 1.) Clockwise by 90 degrees; 2.) Counter-clockwise by 180 degrees; 3.) Clockwise by 270 degrees. You’ll then get the Antidote Recipe.

  • Find the Key to the Storage Cabinet

Go to the Today’s Specials poster in the dining area and interact with it to reveal a pyramid with buttons. Pay attention to the items on the Today’s Specials poster as it will show a cheese wheel, an apple, a slab of meat, and a slice of bread.

You’ll then have to press the buttons in order of how the food items appear on the Today’s Specials poster and from the food pyramid poster, which goes: up, right, up, down. This will reveal a dumbwaiter behind the panel.

Use the dumbwaiter to go down and grab the staff key
  • Get the Staff Key

Ride the dumbwaiter down into a lower room where you’ll see Jeb and Eel talking to each other. You’ll also see the key inside the pocket of a coat. Grab the key and go back up to the dining area and use the key to open the Storage Closet.

  • Create the Antidote

First, check on the Encyclopedia of Poisons where you’ll see what poison you’ll need to counter based from your symptoms. Since you see everything in a purple tint and you can hear your heartbeat, you must create the antidote for Belladonna poisoning.

Make sure to follow the recipe properly

Based from the Antidote Recipe, you’ll need to mix one portion of Belladonna Syrup, three portions of Calabar Extract, 1 portion of Mineral Water, and then mix everything up using the cocktail shaker.

After drinking the antidote, you’ll be cured from the poison and you’ll also pass the test. Congratulations!

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