How to Raise Bond Level in Fire Emblem Engage

One of Fire Emblem Engage's key feature is the Emblem Rings which grants untold power to any of your units. But increasing the bond level with them is necessary to reach their full potential.

Your Bond Level in Fire Emblem Engage is the relationship between your unit and the Emblem Ring they have equipped. The higher the bond level, the more potent the Emblem Ring becomes boosting stats greatly and allowing access to devastating moves that can turn the tide of combat. However many players are experiencing some problems with raising their bond level as it can feel a bit slow.

This guide will show you how to raise the bond level with Emblem Rings in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to raise Bond Level in Fire Emblem Engage?

Bond Levels can be raised by participating in certain activities in Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage. Here are the things you can do to increase Bond Levels:

  • Emblem Training: Go to the Arena in Somniel and choose this option to get your unit to spar with the Emblem Ring. Unlike the regular variant, Emblem Training can be done as many times as you’d like to raise their Bond Level. However they cost Bond Fragments to participate. Emblem Training can only be accessed after unlocking the Arena after Chapter 5.
  • Bond Conversations: Go to the Emblem Selection screen and select the portraits with yellow speech bubbles. This will trigger a scene where the hero of that Emblem Ring will talk to the unit. Afterwards their Bond Level will increase by 1.
  • Polish Emblem Rings: Go to the Ring Chamber and choose the unit you want to polish a specific Emblem Ring. This will increase the Bond Level between that unit and that Emblem Ring.

Fire Emblem Engage pays homage to the previous entries into the franchise by personifying the heroes of the past into the twelve Emblem Rings of the game. As the Divine Dragon, your task is to collect all twelve Emblem Rings in order to defeat the Fell Dragon who once against threatens the entire world.

How to Raise Bond Level in Fire Emblem Engage

By increasing your Bond Level with these Emblem Rings, you’ll be rewarded by significant boosts in stats as well as access to powerful skills. There’s no end to potentially powerful builds that each Emblem Ring holds depending on which unit is taking advantage of it.

Max Bond Level Paralogue Quests

By reaching Bond Level 20 with any Emblem Ring, you will unlock a Paralogue mission that unlocks Max Bond level upon completion. Once you’ve reached Max Bond level, an Emblem Ring’s most powerful abilities are unlocked and that unit will have higher stat bonuses.

Paralogues are optional missions that you can choose to tackle. When you’re at Bond Level 20, the hero of an Emblem Ring will trigger a short cutscene that gives a bit of background about them and their world. They’ll then challenge you to a mock battle that you have to succeed in order to reach Max Bond level.

Max Bond Level Paralogue Quests

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