All Aerith’s Flower Wagon Parts Location in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Flowers Anyone!??

Aertih Flower Wagon FFVII Crisis Core Reunion Feature

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is really worth the pay to play this game. As one of the few games to end 2022, it has a series of hard quests and missions that awards players with items that will help them in their future endeavors in the game. One of the side quests in the game is called Aerith’s Flower Wagon and in this guide, players will know the location of the parts, so read on.

What is Aerith’s Flower Wagon?

In Chapter 7 of the game, Aerith will ask players for help in building a flower wagon as part of the main story quest. After completing the task, Aerith will tell Zack that it’s not cute. In this part of the story, players have the option to build two more wagons. Once they find all the parts, they will be able to receive the trophy achievement known as “Midgar Full of Flowers.”

What is Aerith Flower Wagon - Crisis Core FFVII Reunion

Where to Get All the Parts for Aerith’s Flower Wagon

Getting Aerith’s Flower Wagon Parts will be a lot of hard work since players will be required to do missions and mini-games to get these parts. Luckily, getting these missions and mini-games are very easy to find as they are marked orange on the map screen.

How To Get The Parts For Aerith's Flower Wagon - Crisis Core FFVII Reunion

Below are all the parts for 3 kinds of Aerith’s Flower Wagon and where to get them

Aerith’s Standard Flower Wagon Parts

  • Used Tools
    • Outside the church, there are piles of rubble that can be interacted with. Doing so will let players get the 1st part of the wagon.
  • Old Lumer
    • At Sector 5 Slums Market, talk to the man near the pile of wood near the accessory shop and he will ask players the name of the bar that he plans to open. Answer him 7th Heaven and Zack will receive the old lumber.
  • Worn Tires
    • Head to Sector 8 and then north to Loveless Avenue, talk to the man in front of the car and players will receive the tires.
  • How to Build a Wagon Blueprints
    • After getting all 3 parts, return back to the Church but before entering, look a for helmet nearby. Inside that helmet, there will be plans to build a wagon.

Aerith’s Cute Flower Wagon Parts

  • Craftsman Monthly
    • Head to Loveless Avenue in Shinra and there will be an infantryman who will you to a fight, Talk to him to take on the M1-2 mission chain and after completing them all, talk to him to get the magazine.
  • Walnut Wood
    • In Loveless Street, there will be a Soldier requesting Zack to help him catch 6 Wutai Spies. Start this quest and once you caught all 6 spies, he will award players with the wood.
  • Premium Tires
    • Inside the Shinra building, go to the briefing room and talk to a new Soldier Recruit and this will unlock the M7-1 mission chain. Complete this chain, then return to the new recruit and he will award players with the tire.
  • Mythril Tools
    • Complete all M2-1 mission chains. To access all the M 2-1 mission chains, talk to the following people in the game:
      • On top of the stairs in Sector 8, there is an old man you need to talk to as he will give Zack M 2-1-1 mission
      • At Loveless Avenue, talk to a woman who will ask for aid from Zack to exterminate monsters. Talking to her and the M 2-1-2 mission will be given
      • In Sector 5 Slum Market, there will be a girl. Talk to her to get the M 2-1-3 mission
      • In Sector 5 Slum Street, there is a girl near the entrance of the park. Talk to her to get the M 2-1-4 mission
      • In the entrance area of the Shinra building on the 2nd floor, talk to the Soldier to get the M 2-1-5 mission.
      • Inside the exhibition room of the Shinra building, talk to the scientist to get the M 2-1-6 mission
    • After completing all the mission chains, talk to the scientist once more in the exhibition room of the Shinra building and he will award Zack with the Mythril Tools.

Aerith’s Cool Flower Wagon Parts

  • All the parts are found in the mini-game of Crisis Core FFVII Reunion located inside the Shinra building. Head to the training room of the Soldier floor and take to the scientist inside. Take part in the mini-game until players can collect the following parts:
    • Shinra Solder
    • Shinra Ceramic
    • Shinra Treads
    • Shinra Lunch Cart Specs

After getting all these parts, talk to Aerith in the church and the cart will be built.

That’s our guide on getting all the Flower Wagon parts in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Feel free to check out our review and other Final Fantasy VII-related content as well.

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