Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra Quest Risen Moon Chapter Walkthrough and Rewards

Know all about the Risen Moon Chapter of Genshin Impact and what rewards are given

Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter

Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter is the second quest of the Agnihotra Sutra Quest chain in Sumeru for Genshin Impact. This quest is quite tedious and will be unlocked after completing the Starry Night Chapter and fans will be delighted with this guide as players will know how to proceed in this quest and what rewards await them.

Start Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter
Using the Kusava

Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter Walkthrough

To start this quest, players will need to go to the northern part of Sumeru City and find Aragaru. After talking to Aragaru, head to the inside of Chatrakam Cave. Make sure to equip the Kusava as it will be needed to unlock the path found inside. Use it and a new path will be open.

Enemies Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter

Upon opening the pathway, Fungi enemies will appear and players will need to defeat them to advance. Afterward, begin exploring the cave in order to proceed to the next objective.

Runes Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter

Inside the cave, you will see a rune pattern within the walls. Investigate it and you will be given a new task to look for more runes. There are at least 3 runes found within the cave and each of them is hidden well.

The 1st rune can be found left side of the glowing huge mushrooms where there is a sealed rock. The 2nd one is found on the right side of the glowing mushroom easily spotted upon turning. And the last rune is found back where you found the 1st rune. Look for a huge tree branch that connects to the tree entrance. Climb on it and you will see the last rune to be located.

Araguru Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter

After finding all the runes and such, talk one more to Araguru and a cutscene will occur. Then, exit the cave and upon exiting, there will be rock blocking your way so use the Kusava to open a new pathway once more. Exit upwards and head to the island northwest of your location and a cave will be found. Head inside and a new objective will begin.

Seals Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter
Breaking the Seals

The next objective for this part is easy as it will encourage players to follow the seelies to their courts in unlocking the broken monument. Follow all three seelies one at a time and once you bring them to their proper location, use the Kusava and Dendro elements to break the seal on the Barsam Flower. After which a short cutscene will begin and you can pick up the Barsam Flower. Head back to Araguru and another cutscene will begin and you will complete the quest.

Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter Rewards

  • Primogems x 40
  • Hero’s Wit x3
  • Adventure’s EXP x300
  • Mora x30,000
  • Barsam Flower x 1

Upon completing the quest, players will receive these rewards.

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