Ghostwire Tokyo – All Japanophile Nekomata Request Locations

Here is where to find all Ghostwire Tokyo Japanophile Nekomata Relic Request Locations.

Ghostwire Tokyo takes place in Shibuya, Tokyo, and with it being a cultural center of the country, it’s going to attract beings like the Japanophile Nekomata.

As the name suggests, the Japanophile Nekomata is one that deals in anything that concerns the Japanese and their ways. Its 7 relic requests involve items that are uniquely Japanese.

The Ghostwire Tokyo Japanophile Nekomata can be found east of the Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate. Here’s where you can find all 7 Ghostwire Tokyo Japanophile Nekomata relic request locations in Shibuya.

What are Nekomata Relic Requests in Ghostwire Tokyo?

The Nekomata in Ghostwire Tokyo are yokai who are more than happy to provide supplies and ammunition to Akito for the right price. These wheelin’ and dealin’ cat-like yokai only deal in a special currency called Meika.

Occasionally, you may be tasked with acquiring relics for the Nekomata in exchange for Meika and other rewards. It is beneficial for both parties that these good relations continue for as long as possible. And nothing is more friendly than doing someone a favor.

Ghostwire Tokyo Japanophile Nekomata Relic Request List

  1. Randoseru
  2. Model of Tokyo Tower
  3. Black-Rimmed Glasses
  4. Magazine with Free Handbag
  5. Marimo
  6. Pig Incense Burner
  7. Model Restaurant Food

Ghostwire Tokyo Japanophile Nekomata Relic Request Locations

Relic 1 – Randoseru

Located on an observation deck on a building at the extreme northeast of the Namita Shrine. The Randoseru can be found on top of a pile of clothes.

Reward: 13,000 Meika

Relic 2 – Model of Tokyo Tower

Located in a building under construction near the Matsumi Shrine. The model of Tokyo Tower can be found on a table upstairs from the accessible lower floor of the building.

Reward: 3,330 Meika

Relic 3 – Black-rimmed Glasses

Located on top of the Kadomi building near the Morite Shrine. The black-rimmed glasses can be found atop a brief that’s sitting on a billboard.

Reward: 26,500 Meika

Relic 4 – Magazine w/ Free Handbag

Located in Apartment 302 of the Kirigaoka Apartment Block, Building C. The Magazine w/Free Handbag can be found on the nightstand of the room left of the entrance. First accessible after getting the apartment key from a locker in the train station as part of the “Blindness” main story quest.

Reward: 1,480 Meika

Relic 5 – Marimo

Located in the area covered by the Kappagaike Torii Gate. The marimo can be found on a bench among a row of benches at the edge of the pond. There is a pile of clothes beside it.

Reward: 3,680 Meika

Relic 6 – Pig Incense Burner

Located on the balcony of a building near the Kamio Shrine. The pig incense burner can be found on top of piles of books and other things.

Reward: 3,200 Meika

Relic 7 – Model Restaurant Food

Located in a restaurant south of Kamio Shrine. The model restaurant food can be found in the outdoor dining area that’s facing the main street.

Reward: 6,800 Meika

Ghostwire Tokyo Japanophile Nekomata Relic Request Bonus Rewards

These rewards are based on how many requests you’ve completed in the Ghostwire Tokyo Japanophile Nekomata Relic Request.

  • Complete 3 Requests
    • Stun Talisman x2
  • Complete 5 Requests
    • Emote: Kabuki
  • Complete All Requests
    • Emote: Sumo Stomp

And that’s about it for the Ghostwire Tokyo Japanophile Nekomata relic request locations. I hope this guide helped you out on your search! And remember there are other Nekomata out there looking for help in their own searches.

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