Ghostwire Tokyo – All Luster Loving Nekomata Relic Request Locations

A complete guide on where to find all Ghostwire Tokyo Luster-Loving Nekomata Relic Request locations.

A wise man once said, “Not all things that glitter is gold”. Tell that to the Luster-Loving Nekomata in Ghostwire Tokyo. If it looks like, smells like gold… it’s probably gold. And even if it isn’t, if it glitters, the Luster-Loving Nekomata will probably want it either way.

As the name suggests, the Luster-Loving Nekomata is one that deals in relics that have a certain shine to them. You had me at gold. Good thing the Luster-Loving Nekomata got 5 requests to fulfill.

The Luster-Loving Nekomata Relic Request can be found east of the Kuo Shrine. Here’s where you can find all 5 Ghostwire Tokyo Luster-Loving Nekomata relics in Shibuya.

What are Nekomata Relic Requests in Ghostwire Tokyo?

The Nekomata in Ghostwire Tokyo are yokai who are more than happy to provide supplies and ammunition to Akito for the right price. These wheelin’ and dealin’ cat-like yokai only deal in a special currency called Meika.

Occasionally, you may be tasked with acquiring relics for the Nekomata in exchange for Meika and other rewards. It is beneficial for both parties that these good relations continue for as long as possible. And nothing is more friendly than doing someone a favor.

Ghostwire Tokyo Luster-Loving Nekomata Relic Request List

  1. Golden Tea Bowl
  2. Shachihoko Statues
  3. Bottle Gourd
  4. Oban
  5. Kanzashi

Ghostwire Tokyo Luster-Loving Nekomata Relic Request Locations

Relic 1 – Golden Tea Bowl

Located in the Shiroyama Shrine. The Golden Tea Bowl can be found on a stand-down set of stone steps.

Reward: 13,400 Meika

Relic 2 – Shochihoko Statues

Found inside a building southwest of the Shiroyama Shrine. The pair of Shochihoko Statues can be found on a shelf right beside the door of the building.

Reward: 8,500 Meika

Relic 3 – Bottle Gourd

Found in the Shibuya Underground. The bottle gourd can be found floating in an underground lake near some pieces of debris.

Reward: 4,800 Meika

Relic 4 – Oban

Found in a makeshift dwelling by the river near the Hitani Shrine. The Oban can be found amongst scattered possesses and tins of food.

Reward: 43,000 Meika

Relic 5 – Kanzashi

Found inside a laundromat near the Chishima Shrine. The Kanzashi can be found on top of a desk inside a cup to the right of the establishment.

Reward: 10,000 Meika

Ghostwire Tokyo Luster-Loving Nekomata Relic Request Bonus Rewards

These rewards are based on how many requests you’ve completed in the Ghostwire Tokyo Luster-Loving Nekomata Relic Requests.

  • Complete 2 Requests
    • Outfit: Fingerless Gloves
  • Complete All Requests
    • Katashiro x3

And that’s about it for the Luster-Loving Nekomata request locations in Ghostwire Tokyo. I hope this guide helped you out on your search! And remember there are other Nekomata out there looking for help in their own searches.

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