Ghostwire Tokyo – All Musical Nekomata Relic Request Locations

Here is where to find all Ghostwire Tokyo Musical Nekomata Relic Request Locations.

Music plays all the time in the streets of Shibuya, but in Ghostwire Tokyo that’s all wasted on the Visitors endlessly roaming the streets. It’s not going to stop the Musical Nekomata though. It’s going to keep playing music using whatever instruments it can get its fuzzy paws on.

As the name suggests, the Musical Nekomata in Ghostwire Tokyo is one that deals in anything that can produce music, be it a guitar or even a seashell. Its 6 relic requests involve instruments of different shapes.

The Ghostwire Tokyo Musical Nekomata can be found east of the Matsumi Shrine. Here’s where you can find all 6 Ghostwire Tokyo Musical Nekomata relic request locations in Shibuya.

What are Nekomata Relic Requests in Ghostwire Tokyo?

The Nekomata in Ghostwire Tokyo are yokai who are more than happy to provide supplies and ammunition to Akito for the right price. These wheelin’ and dealin’ cat-like yokai only deal in a special currency called Meika.

Occasionally, you may be tasked with acquiring relics for the Nekomata in exchange for Meika and other rewards. It is beneficial for both parties that these good relations continue for as long as possible. And nothing is more friendly than doing someone a favor.

Ghostwire Tokyo Musical Nekomata Relic Request List

  1. Kagura Suzu
  2. Shamisen
  3. Furin
  4. Horagai
  5. Biwa
  6. Wooden Fish

Ghostwire Tokyo Musical Nekomata Relic Request Locations

Relic 1 – Kagura Suzu

Found inside the Arikawa Shrine. The Kagura Suzu can be found on a table left of the shrine hall.

Reward: 9,800 Meika

Relic 2 – Shamisen

Located at the back of a house near the Hirokawa Shrine. The shamisen can be found neatly put on top of a table inside a shed.

Reward: 9,800 Meika

Relic 3 – Furin

Found on the side of a house near the Matsumi Shrine. The furin can be found hanging over a window beside an air conditioning unit.

Reward: 2,200 Meika

Relic 4 – Horagai

Located in the Horikawa Shrine. The horagai can be found at the back of the shrine on top of a table.

Reward: 9,400 Meika

Relic 5 – Biwa

Located in one of the houses with a Zashiki-Warashi near the Onten Shrine. The biwa can be found past the living room in a corner on top of a cloth.

Reward: 13,900 Meika

Relic 6 – Wooden Fish

Located in a temple near the Momokane Building Rooftop Torii Gate. The wooden fish can be found on a shelf to the right of the building. It is accessible after finishing the “Art Imitates Life” side mission.

Reward: 6,800 Meika

Ghostwire Tokyo Musical Nekomata Relic Request Bonus Rewards

These rewards are based on how many requests you’ve completed in the Ghostwire Tokyo Musical Nekomata Relic Request.

  • Complete 3 Requests
    • Astral Beads
  • Complete All Requests
    • Music: DailyNinja & FujiyaMart

And that’s about it for the Ghostwire Tokyo Musical Nekomata relic request locations. I hope this guide helped you out on your search! And remember there are other Nekomata out there looking for help in their own searches.

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