God of War Ragnarok – All Jarnsmida Pitmines Collectibles

Jarnsmida Pitmines Collectibles are scattered throughout the map of God of War: Ragnarok. These collectibles have varying degrees of lore crossover with the realm Kratos and his son will explore, and provide useful advantages in battle and exploration.

Read on, and this guide will list down exactly how and where to find all the collectibles in Jarnsmida Pitmines, including what rewards await them.

Jarnsmida Pitmines Collectibles Overview

Jarnsmida Pitmines is a region found in the Svartalfheim Realm of God of War Ragnarok. There are a total of 8 collectibles found in this region, which are as follows:

  • Nornir Chests – 1
  • Legendary Chests – 1
  • Lore – 1
  • Artifacts – 2
  • Odin’s Ravens – 1
  • Berserker Gravestones – 1
  • Remnants of Asgard – 1
To access some of the collectibles in this region, you must have completed the main story or progressed past a specific point. The Spear is unlocked as you progress through the main path: Forging Destiny and players must complete the main story before the Remnants of Asgard will appear. Meanwhile, Gravestones can only be activated after the main path: The World of Fate.

All Jarnsmida Pitmines Collectibles Locations

Here are all the collectibles you can obtain chronologically:

Berserker Gravestone

When players exit the Applecore and land on the outskirts of Jarnsmida Pitmines, players will be able to see the gravestone on site. Be careful when interacting with it as it will spawn two bosses and players are advised to have their gears at level 7 or higher.

(Kvasir’s Poems – Tool and Bang) and Legendary Chest

After interacting with the gravestone, go left to where it was and use the Blades of Chaos to pull the waterway towards you in order to reroute the water and power up the crane. Climb the stone block and freeze the water. It will power down the crane and it will rotate back. Stay on top of the stone block till you reach the end and jump over to the hill behind the crane and the Artifact and Legendary Chest will be there.

Odin’s Raven

Go back to where you hopped in the crane’s stone block and this time, drop down to the end of the path and throw the spear at a wall with the wind coming out of it. Jump over the path it creates and there will be a raven flying around the water in the middle area.

Nornir Chest

On the left side of where the Raven was, go to the end of the path and the Nornir Chest will be there. Players must burn 3 braziers with runes on them by using the Blades of Chaos.

  • All Jarnsmida Pitmines Collectibles Locations - God of War Ragnarok - Nornir Chest 2
  • All Jarnsmida Pitmines Collectibles Locations - God of War Ragnarok - Nornir Chest 3
  • All Jarnsmida Pitmines Collectibles Locations - God of War Ragnarok - Nornir Chest 4

The 1st one is on the left side of the chest, the 2nd one requires players to drop down on the left and use the grappling hook to reach it, and the last seal can be found under the moving water wheel, freeze the water first before lighting up the Brazier. Light up all seals and the chest will be unlocked.

Rune Read – The Pit-Mine

From where the 2nd seal for the Nornir chest was, go to the left side and there is a wall with blue-glowing glyphs on it.

Things Left Behind – Lofnheid’s Whetstone

In front of the Nornir chest, jump over the gap to the right and drop down a little ledge and turn left to the rope. Interact with it and slide down the rope where Kratos will land at a beach. There will be a glowing artifact on the ground.

Remnants of Asgard

After getting the artifact, climb up the golden chain and the remnants of Asgard side mission will begin. Defeat all of them to complete this task.

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