High On Life Gunning For Your Job Achievement Guide

High On Life Gunning For Your Jobs cover

Gunning For Your Job is one of the achievements that can be obtained in High On Life. Due to the specific order of bounties that have to be taken to get this, it’s a highly missable achievement, yet it’s not that complicated to get.

In this guide, we will go through the steps on how to get the Gunning For Your Job achievement.

How to get the Gunning For Your Job achievement?

To get the Gunning For Your Job achievement, you first need to complete the Bounty: 9-Torg mission. This unlocks the next two bounties for Krubis and Douglas. Pay attention as the order of the bounties that you take from here on will matter.

Step 1: Complete Bounty: Douglas and obtain Sweezy

The order on how the bounties appear on the portal screen may make you want to go for Krubis first, but for the sake of this achievement, you want to go for Douglas’ bounty first. After killing Douglas, you’ll obtain Sweezy as one of your guns.

Step 2: Start Bounty: Krubis and locate the Administrative Services building

You can then take on Krubis’ bounty next. Once you’re in the mining site, you’ll eventually arrive at the Administrative Services building where you’ll meet Helen.

Step 3: Take out Sweezy then talk to Helen

Before talking to Helen, make sure you have Sweezy out on your hand. Then select the option “I’m the new boss” during the dialogue with Helen. Afterwards, you can then choose any of the other dialogue options while you’re bossing around the other Moplets. Once it’s done, you will then get the Gunning For Your Job achievement.

Gunning For Your Job: Use Sweezy to boss around the Office Moplets.

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