How To Get Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

One of the most Important Seals to Get In FE Engage

Second Seals Fire Emblem Engage feature

Finding the best playstyle in Fire Emblem Engage often requires picking the best class. Luckily, players are given the option to reclass any character they possess by utilizing an item called Second Seals. This item may look hard to find but in this guide, players will learn more about it and where to get it, so read on.

What are Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage?

Second Seals, as stated above, are a particular item used in reclassing characters in the game. This item can be used to reset a unit’s level in its current class. Overall, this seal will offer players a variety of choices for what they use in combat and what skills they can train and inherit as well.

How to Get Second Seals

The easiest way to get Second Seals is to purchase them in the Item Shop in Somniel for 2,500 G.Keep in mind that the seal comes in a variety of qualities and is only available after completing Chapter 18 of the game. Choosing carefully which character to use it on is a must.

How To Get Second Seals - Fire Emblem Engage - Shop

The second option is through combat. There are treasure chests that can be found in the middle of the battle, and there are times when not only gold or weapons will be present but also seals. It is recommended to have a character whose class is a thief to be able to unlock chests in the game.

How To Get Second Seals - Fire Emblem Engage - Chests

How to Use Second Seals

To use the Second Seals, below are all the instructions needed to follow:

  1. Make Sure that there are characters in your party that are at level 10
  2. Afterward, head to the menu using the + button and make your way to the Inventory and select the Change Class option for the Unit.
  3. Once a player can choose what class they can reclass for, they will need to use the Second Seals to reclass or reset their levels.
How To Use Second Seals - Fire Emblem Engage

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