How to Farm Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2 (2022)

Destiny 2 Spoils of Conquest cover

Spoils of Conquest are a type of currency in Destiny 2 that allows players to purchase valuable Exotic gear from previous raids, and even get those that are available in current raids. It’s such a worthwhile currency to obtain, especially for those who want to complete and grow their gear collection, or for those who just want to get their hands on a particular limited gear.

In this guide, we’re going through all the viable ways of farming Spoils of Conquest in the current build of Destiny 2.

How to Farm Spoils of Conquest

Spoils of Conquest are limited to raids as part of the chest rewards for clearing them, or by finding them in hidden chests within the raid map. Currently, there are two active raids that players can go into to gain Spoils of Conquest, while Legacy Raids also provide spoils, but in a smaller amount.

  • Vow of the Disciple
    • Per encounter: x5
    • Hidden Chest: x5
  • Vault of Glass
    • Per encounter: x5
    • Hidden Chest: x5
  • Legacy Raids clear: x3

The hidden chests in these raids can be opened once a week per character, allowing players to obtain x30 Spoils of Conquest per week just from the chests alone. Going through the entire raid can also pay up a lot of spoils per clear as each of its encounters will give out x5 Spoils of Conquest, however some of these encounters can be time-consuming than the others, which is why players often go to farm just particular encounters that can be easily cleared in the shortest time possible.

Before starting any raid farms, just make sure to clear the raid once for the week so that you and your fireteam can start earning the Spoils of Conquest on the subsequent runs.

How to Farm Spoils of Conquest - Destiny 2 (2022)
Final encounter with Rhulk

Vow of the Disciple Spoils of Conquest Farm

When Vault of Glass was still new, players were still able to farm the raid by repeatedly clearing the Templar boss fight indefinitely through the help of the Checkpoint Save method, however it has long been patched. The good news is that The final encounter with Rhulk at the Vow of the Disciple raid can still be farmed indefinitely using the method.

Speaking of which, here’s a quick review of how to do the Checkpoint Save method:

  • With a fireteam arriving prior to the final encounter, have one member reload the game, switch characters, and then rejoin the fireteam.
  • The fireteam can then start the encounter and wipe out, effectively saving the checkpoint on the alt character.
  • The player can then swap back to their main character and then the fireteam can clear the final encounter.
  • Another member of the fireteam switches to their alt and the rest of the fireteam basically does the previous steps again until they are satisfied with the farm.

Farming Vow of the Disciple’s final encounter is currently the most efficient way to earn Spoils of Conquest as the encounter itself is not as time consuming as the other encounters. The mechanics in this encounter aren’t as long and convoluted as the previous ones and everyone just has to make sure that they have enough firepower for the DPS phases.

YouTuber Fallout Plays has a quick and succinct guide on how to quickly go through the final encounter against Rhulk:

Solo Farming Spoils of Conquest

If you are the type that prefers to play solo for some reason, then there are still ways on earning Spoils of Conquest. The first hidden chests in the two active raids can still be obtained even without the help of a fireteam. However, getting the chest for the Vault of Glass raid does require some help of a map glitch to quickly and safely get to the chest.

If you’re not iffy about using glitches, then going for these methods can net you the x30 Spoils of Conquest when done on each character.

Vow of the Disciple Hidden Chest Solo Farm

The hidden chest can be found at the outdoor area prior to reaching the first major encounter in the pyramid. You will have to destroy three Darkness Fragments first in order to unlock the hidden chest.

  • First Darkness Fragment – Upon reaching the barge, defeat the three Knowledge Bearers and proceed through the area. Turn left before reaching the fallen trunk to find the first fragment.
  • Second Darkness Fragment – Head to the path lined up with pillars on both sides. On the end of the path, turn left and you’ll see the second fragment.
  • Third Darkness Fragment – From the pillared path, reach the midway point and head to the left towards the bridge. Jump across the bridge and turn around to find an opening; head inside and to your left is the third fragment.

From the bridge, head further down the path and enter the building on the right where you will see the hidden chest.

Vault of Glass Hidden Chest Solo Farm

To reach the first hidden chest in the Vault of Glass raid, you will need to perform a glitch that will allow you to phase through the map and reach the map’s underside. This requires a swift combo of the Sparrow’s side boost + jumping off of it, and when done beside a particular boulder on the map, it will make the character clip through the boulder. From here, you can traverse and hover through the map’s layout since the assets are still solid and can be landed on.

Here’s a video by Esoterickk showing how to do the map clipping technique, as well as how to traverse the map’s underside to reach the hidden chest:

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