How to Move the Sea Turtle on Coral Island

Learn how to move giant turtle in Coral Island

How to Move the Sea Turtle on Coral Island feature

Coral Island is the latest simulator game that players have talked about so much on their social media accounts. There are a lot of interactions that players can do not only with townfolks but also with animals. From land to sea, the possibilities are limitless. One of the animals that players will meet in the game is the sea turtle and in this guide, we will show players how to Move the Sea Turtle on Coral Island.

In the game, there are certain areas where you can do deep-sea diving. Doing so will allow players to collect trashes found undersea and also activate solar orbs to remove oil spills. Not only that, players can interact with different sea creatures that one can not imagine seeing in real life.

How to Move the Sea Turtle on Coral Island

In exploring certain areas of the map in the sea, players will encounter a giant sea turtle on their way. In order to move the Sea Turtle on Coral Island from blocking their pathway, players will need to feed it with a cucumber.

If players don’t have a cucumber that is Bronze rank in their inventory, players can go to the General store to buy the seeds for it. Also acquire fertilizer and an Extractor to ensure that once the seeds are planted, they become bronze cucumbers.

The seeds will sprout within 8-9 days so players must pay attention well on planting them. Once they are grown to bronze cucumbers, return back to where the Sea turtle was and give the required food to the turtle.

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