Lost Ark Battle Pass Revealed

Choose from Regular, Premium, or Super Premium Ark Pass versions!

Amazon Games and Smilegate has recently revealed the April Update Battle for the Throne of Chaos for the game and has revealed a new feature called the Lost Ark Battle Pass or simply called Ark Pass.

Lost Ark Battle Pass Explained

lost ark battle pass

This is Lost Ark’s version of a Battle Pass and just simply called as Ark Pass. It will add new ways for players to earn rewards that can give them the advantage they need in battle. The Ark Pass offers missions to complete in order to progress their Ark Pass levels and each level gives them powerful rewards.

Every Lost Ark player can get the regular Ark Pass for free and get a variety of helpful rewards to use. These rewards include honing material selection chests, pirate coins, and a mount. The Ark Pass progress can be earned across the entire roster and the rewards are bound to the roster.

There are two monetized Ark Pass versions, which are the Premium and Super Premium. They are available via the in-game store until June 18, 2022 only. The progress can be earned for all Ark Pass versions are available only until July 14, 2022.

Premium Ark Pass

Players can exchange Royal Crystals for two additional reward tracks called the Premium and Super Premium tracks. They will offer more rewards to earn. The Premium Ark Pass will give players additional rewards at every level that players will earn together with the free rewards. They can get more honing material selection chests, gems, rapport chests, and a Vertus Pet.

Buy this for only 1,500 Royal Crystals.

Super Premium Ark Pass

Another track to unlock with Royal Crystals is the Super Premium Ark Pass. It offers more rewards on top of the Regular and Premium rewards. It includes selection chests for the Noble Banquet skin collection, the Noble Banquet Wallpaper, and some legendary rapport chests throughout the 30 levels of the Battle Pass.

Double the price of the Premium Ark Pass, which is 3,000 Royal Crystals. If one has bought the Premium Ark Pass first, they can upgrade to Super Premium for an addition 1,500 Royal Crystals only.

Lost Ark is now available on PC.

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