How to Get Salt Cracker in Lost Ark Guide

A guide on how to get the Salt Cracker in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Salt Cracker

Salt Cracker is one of the key food items needed in a player’s Adventurer’s Tome in Lost Ark. Getting this item requires some luck, but it’s definitely an item obtainable within just a couple of minutes.

In this guide, we will look into where and how to get the Salt Cracker in Lost Ark.

How to get the Salt Cracker in Lost Ark?

The Salt Cracker can be obtained from using a Salt Crystal. There is only a small chance of getting a Salt Cracker from a Salt Crystal and in failed attempts, you will get a Broken Cracker instead.

Where to find the Salt Cracker in Lost Ark?

You can get Salt Salt Cracker from the Salt Crystals found from a rock in the Occupied Saltern located at the southern half of the Saland Hill in Yudia.

Head to Occupied Saltern, Saland Hill, Yudia

Go to the north part of the Occupied Saltern just before entering the north pass. You will then see this rock near some fences.

Investigate the rock

Upon investigating, you will then receive a couple of Salt Crystals. Take a couple more as the drop rate of a Salt Cracker is around 4%.

Use the Salt Crystals

In your inventory, use the Salt Crystals. You can use the crystals in mass by pressing Alt + RMB. Continue using the crystals until you get a Salt Cracker.

You will only need to get one Salt Cracker to complete its entry in the Adventurer’s Tome. When you get a Salt Cracker, right-click on it to add it to your Adventurer’s Tome. As for the Broken Crackers, you can simply discard them as they won’t have any other use.

Rewards for getting the Salt Cracker in Lost Ark

Getting the Salt Cracker itself does not provide any rewards. However, its entry goes towards the completion of the Yudia section of your Adventurer’s Tome.

Adventurer’s Tome Yudia Completion Rewards

Completion Rate



10x Phoenix Plume


20x Major HP Potion


Salt Giant Card


Epic Wisdom Potion


Song of Temptation


Sky Reflection Oil


Epic Stat Increase Potion


Encavian Crown


Structure: Yudia Geyser


Ignea Token: Yudia

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