Lost Ark Aurion World Boss Guide

A guide on how to defeat Aurion in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Aurion

Aurion is one of the world bosses that players can challenge in Lost Ark. Unlike other field bosses who can be found within the major continents, Aurion spawns at a very small island outcropping in the middle of the sea.

In this guide, we will look into Aurion’s attack patterns, and share some tips and tricks on how to defeat this boss.

Where to find Aurion in Lost Ark?

Aurion spawns in Wildwater Island, north of Rethramis. The closest port that you can sail from is at Tideshelf Path at Punika. Since Aurion is a Field Boss, he can only spawn at certain times of the day, and at certain days of the week.

It’s best to check ahead on when Aurion spawns by going to the Calendar on the upper left corner of your screen. Just go through the dates and check under Available Content > Adventure Island to see if Aurion will spawn on that day. You can also set an alarm within the calendar for it to make sure that you won’t miss out.

Alternatively, you can click on the alarm icon on the upper left corner of the screen, then click on the gear icon to access the All Alarm Settings. Go to the Field Boss category, and hover over Aurion to see his schedule for the week. You can also set an alarm for it through this method.

Lost Aark Wildwater Isle

How to defeat Aurion in Lost Ark?

Prepare for the fight

Being a field boss, lots of players can join in to fight Aurion. The recommended gear score to fight him is at iLvl 1385, but players with at least iLvl 1325 can still deal damage against him. This means you should have at least a Tier 3 gear set with all the pieces having at least +3 upgrade levels each.

Do not try to be in the island having an iLvl less than 1100. Not only will all your damage be blocked, you will also prevent other capable players from joining the channel where the fight is happening. Just focus on pumping your iLvl up and do your challenge attempt once you have leveled up enough.

Aurion Attacks

Given that you are fighting Aurion in a very small patch of land, you’re almost always going to get hit by one of his attacks. Nevertheless, some of them can still be avoidable or survivable, so it’s still a good idea to know what are his attacks’ tells.

  • AoE Blast – Aurion will charge for a bit and send out a blast around him. This is telegraphed by a red circle marker that grows around him. Dodge away from the circle to avoid the blast.
  • Charge – He will charge in a straight line. No markers appear prior to his attack, so try to keep some distance if you are facing him so that you still have some time to react.
  • Wave Roll – He will summon rolling waves that rolls across the ground. Find a gap between the waves or try to hug the shore. If not possible, have someone in your party cast a shield.
  • Water Geyser – He shoots out water from the ground with such force. No markers will appear prior to this attack, so just hope that you don’t get hit.
  • Waterball Boomerang – Aurion shoots out a ball of water straight towards a player. After a few moments, it will fly back to him, still dealing damage on its return flight. The first hit is barely survivable, but try not to stay on the same spot so as not to get it from the back.
  • Crashing Wave Ring – He will send out a ring of energy that grows outward, causing delayed damage. The ring will continue to pulse for a few seconds. This attack can be considered as a wipe or an HP/Def check as it engulfs almost the entire island if he’s in the middle. It can still be avoidable if Aurion is at the very edge of the island and you are on the opposite far end.

Aurion Tips and Tricks

  • As much as possible, have at least the recommended iLvl of 1385 as this raises the chance of the entire raiding party to successfully defeat Aurion in time. There are only 15 minutes before Aurion enters its Berserk mode, after which he will become stronger, faster, and almost impossible to defeat. With more than 593 million HP, you will need all the DPS that you get.
  • If you are a squishy class, like a Sorcerer, Bard, Gunslinger, etc., expect that almost every attack will one-shot you, even at the base recommended iLvl. If you die, don’t use your Phoenix Plumes to revive. Just select Base Resurrect as the entrance to the island is literally just beside the fighting arena.
  • Party up with a full squad to take advantage of party-wide buffs to gain maximum DPS, defense, and healing.

Aurion Rewards

Defeating Aurion will give you the chance to get these rewards:

  • Wildwater Island Soul
  • Forbidden Time Necklace
  • Forbidden Time Earring
  • Forbidden Time Ring
  • Forbidden Space Earring
  • Forbidden Space Ring
  • Destruction Stone Crystal
  • Guardian Stone Crystal
  • Solar Grace
  • Solar Blessing
  • Solar Protection
  • Tier 3 Epic Ability Stone
  • Level 1 Annihilation Gem
  • Level 1 Crimson Flame Gem
  • Rare XP Card
  • Legendary Bleed Skill Rune

How to get the Wildwater Island Soul?

The Wildwater Island Soul is a chance drop from defeating Aurion. If you don’t get one upon defeating him, just wait for the next day that Aurion will respawn and try again.

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