Lost Ark – Argos Abyss Raid Phase 3 Guide

A guide on the Argos Abyss Raid Phase 3 in Lost Ark.

Argos Abyss Raid

Argos is a boss in the newly added Abyss Raids in Lost Ark. Currently, he is one of the hardest bosses to clear because of the complex mechanics that are present in each of the phases of his fight. When defeated, Argos does give away substantial rewards that players in the endgame would like to get their hands on.

In this guide, we will look into the third and final phase of the Argos Abyss Raid, as well as share some tips and strategies that will help make the phase easier to clear.

How to Prepare for Argos Abyss Raid – Phase 3

If you have reached this far, then that means you have already conquered the first two phases of the raid. Otherwise, we recommend that you check out our guides on the first and second phases of the fight as they have in-depth details on certain attack patterns, as well as preparation tips to be able to make it this far.

For returning folks eager to prepare for the final phase, here’s a summary of what to do to get ready for the next fight:

Prepare your Item Level or iLvl

The required item level for Argos’ phase 2 is at least iLvl 1400, or else you wouldn’t be able to progress through the phase 2. In the NA and EU servers, players have access to the Oreha Abyssal Dungeon which allows them to craft the Chosen Set. Simply work on upgrading the pieces of this set and you will be able to meet the iLvl requirements of each of the phases.

It’s recommended to go beyond iLvl 1400 to make the fight more survivable and lessen the pressure of prolonging the fight.

Prepare your Engravings

Generally, you would want to focus on having the maximum attack power output if you are designated as the DPSer of the party, or focus on improving your shields and heal as support. The recommended engravings will vary from each class, but here’s a quick overview on the most recommended ones:

  • DPS
    • Grudge
    • All-Out Attack
    • Barricade
    • Master of Ambush
    • Master’s Tenacity
  • Support
    • Cursed Doll
    • Expert
    • Heavy Armor

It’s almost imperative at this point to have 3 level 3 engravings at this point, still focusing on damage ups for DPS, and healing or shielding buffs for supports.

Phase 3 of Argos Abyss Raid - Lost Ark

Prepare your Skill Tripods

Skill tripods are also very important to be optimized, preferably set up for a raid. Also, having max level tripods are ideal as well, but at least max out those tripods for major damaging skills.

Prepare your Gems

At the very least, have level 4 gems for our major damaging skills that both provide damage increase and cooldown reduction. The mechanics for the final phase is different from the first two and players will benefit from not dragging out the fight through a higher a more constant damage output.

Prepare your Party

Needless to say, a party with good comms is needed, especially with the game mechanics at play in this Abyss Raid. It’s recommended to work with your guildmates and decide on a day every week on when most can do Abyss Raid runs since its rewards are capped to once per week. It’s also important to have a support per party since the two parties will be split at several points during the second phase.

Argos Abyss Raid Mechanics – Phase 3

Argos’ mechanics will once again change in this phase. This time, there will be three weathers to be aware of: daytime, nighttime, and dawn. Argos will cast a debuff on every player that varies depending on the current weather.

In each of these phases, two out of three kinds of seeds will be scattered across the arena. Depending on the time of day, their effects will either be detrimental or a counter for the current debuff.

  • Daytime – Argos will cast a movement speed debuff.
    • Red seeds explode.
    • Green seeds remove movement debuff.
  • Nighttime – Argos will cast a blind debuff.
    • Blue seeds inflict poison damage.
    • Red seeds remove vision debuff.
  • Dawn – Argos will cast a damage over time debuff.
    • Green seeds will imprison players near it.
    • Blue seeds will provide a shield to protect from the damage over time debuff.

Normally, there will be more of the bad seeds during a specific weather and only one good seed present. Once the good seed has been picked up, its effect will be applied to the players to counter the current debuff. On the other hand, battle items such as Panacea as well as cleansing skills from other classes can be used to cleanse the debuffs.

Phase 3 of Argos Abyss Raid Attacks

In Phase 3, Argos will retain certain attacks and mechanics from Phase 1 and 2 such as:

  • Negative Beam
  • Pounce Explosion
  • Energy Geyser
    • He can summon larger circles and can also do a pattern similar to the wipe mechanic in the second phase’s Veorix fight.
  • Energy Rain
  • Two-Line Fissure
    • There is a variant in this phase where the two lines will form a cross and explode in a cross pattern.
    • Another variant for phase 3 is when he summons four lines in a pound or hashtag pattern. Its explosion will radiate outwards, so it’s best to move towards its center.
  • Single Energy Area Explosion
  • Warp Dash
    • He can do multiple warp dashes in a quicker succession in this phase. Move towards the edge of the arena to avoid getting hit.
  • Horn Attack
  • Stomp Wave
  • Small Wisp Explosion
    • He can now summon more than two wisp rings.
  • Large Wisp Explosion
  • Dash Horn Attack
Phase 3 of Argos Abyss Raid - Lost Ark

Argos Abyss Raid Wipe Mechanics – Phase 3

Argos has several different wipe mechanics; two different wipes each for day and night, and one for dawn.

Sun or Moon Blast

Argos will sit down and start charging up either sun energy if it’s daytime, or moon energy if it’s nighttime. During this charging period, two players will be marked with the corresponding sun or moon markers on top of their heads. Argos can initiate this wipe from anywhere at the map.

After a while, a stationary marker will appear on the last spot where the two players are at and Argos will then jump up and down to release the blast of energy. Anyone caught by this blast that is not inside one of the markers will be insta-killed. Also, markers can only protect 4 players, including the marked player, and markers should not overlap or else they will cancel each other.

Make sure that whoever gets the marker should know how to call out. Once Argos starts to sit down and charge up, both marked players should alert the others through any means to stack up and they should position just far enough that the markers will not touch. They should not move too far away so that in case a player needs to move to another circle to make way for another one, they won’t have to travel too far.

Sundrop – Daytime

Argos will move to the center and charge up sun energy. A sun seed will then slowly drop from the sky on a specific spot, marked by a yellow dot on the minimap. Argos will then blast out the sun energy. If all players manage to be at the sundrop spot as the blast goes, then everyone will survive the wipe. Otherwise, even if there’s only one player that fail to go to the spot, everyone will be wiped.

It’s important to check the minimap where the sundrop will be at, and also take the initiative to help others by pinging the location as well.

Moondrops – Nighttime

Argos will move to the center to charge up moon energy. Several moon seeds will appear on the ground which will show as purple dots on the minimap. Players should pick up all the seeds in the arena before Argos executes his attack. If successful, everyone will survive the wipe. Otherwise, as long as a seed remains on the arena, everyone will be wiped.

Similar to the daytime wipe, make sure to check the minimap to know where the seeds are and everyone should spread out to cover more ground in picking up the seeds.

Sun and Moon Blast – Dawn

Argos will move to the center and gather both sun and moon energy. As this happens, several blue seeds will drop on the arena. Picking up the seed will release a shield that can protect any number of players within it from the upcoming blast.

Though this might be the easiest one since it can only be a partial wipe, players will still have to be aware that green seeds are still present in the arena that can imprison and prevent players from hiding under the shield.

Phase 3 Final Notes

  • It’s important to not have a tunnel vision during this phase as you can easily accidentally step on a seed you don’t want if you just fixate on a particular seed without scanning the immediate area.
  • Make sure to enable Combat Effects in the game’s settings to see the markers and indicators for Argos’ attacks. You can also set the Colorblind Filter from the Video Accessibility option if needed.
  • Test out each others’ ping to make sure that no one suddenly spikes at crucial moments of the fight.
  • Communicate with your party members before hand to decide if everyone joining will be aiming for the third phase as you can’t simply just skip to this phase of the raid.
Phase 3 of Argos Abyss Raid - Lost Ark

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