Lost Ark Gate of Harmony – How To Use Key of Balance & Chest of Harmony Guide

A guide on how to complete the Gate of Harmony event in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Gate of Harmony

The Gate of Harmony is one of the Sailing Co-op events that players can participate in Lost Ark. This event requires players to compete under two teams in a mini-game match, and after the match, a chest can be opened that can be a good source of Gienah’s Coins, provided that they have the key to open it.

In this guide, we will look into the Gate of Harmony event, as well as share the steps on how to get the prerequisite item for it: the Key of Balance (a.k.a Key of Harmony).

Where is the Gate of Harmony in Lost Ark?

The Gate of Harmony is located in the Sea of Sceptrum, west of Arthetine. The gate is only open at certain times of the day, and at certain days of the week.

It’s best to check ahead on when you can visit the island by going to the Calendar on the upper left corner of your screen. Just go through the dates and check under Available Content > Sailing to see if the Gate of Harmony will be open on that day. You can also set an alarm within the calendar for it to make sure that you won’t miss out.

Alternatively, you can click on the alarm icon on the upper left corner of the screen, then click on the gear icon to access the All Alarm Settings. Go to the Sailing category, and hover over the Gate of Harmony to see its schedule for the week. You can also set an alarm for it through this method.

How to get the Key of Balance?

You can get a Key of Balance by participating in sailing co-op missions that happen around Vern, Arthetine, and Anikka. You can also go through the All Alarm Settings or in the Calendar to check on which times these co-op missions will be available.

Keys of Harmony stack, so you can collect as many as you can, and then use them all up on a single trip at the Gate of Harmony. Do note that you would have needed to unlock the abiliy to travel by boat first by completing the Set Sail quest, the final mission in the East Luterra storyline.

To get the Key of Balance, simply finish the daily co-op missions “Catch Jellyfish” or “Drowning People.” Both of these missions yield the Key of Balance. Although these daily quests have definite start times, there may be delays in certain situations.

These are the measures that players should take in order to locate these quests:

  1. On the left-hand side of the screen, you should see a blue stopwatch icon. Click on it.
  2. A settings icon will appear, select the small cog in the top right of the menu.
  3. Scroll down and select Sailing.
  4. There should be two arrows heading in opposite directions, one black and one white. If you locate the mission, press the left-side button to select which quest you want to take first. As a result, the event’s location and timetable will be marked on your map.
  5. Choose a daily task and complete it (Catch Jellyfish or Drowning People).

Following the completion of a daily quest, you’ll receive the Key of Balance. You can then proceed to the Gate of Harmony to take part in the event. It’s also worth noting that you can get multiple Keys of Balance simultaneously which can be usable on other items besides the Gate of Harmony.

Sailing Co-op Quest: Catch Jellyfish!

Different colored jellyfishes will spawn and move around. Your objective is to kill as many jellyfish as possible before the times runs out. You can use your harpoon (W key) to deal damage towards the jellyfish, which will take around 3 hits. Once the jellyfish dies, some flotsam will appear which you can grab and it will give you between 1-6 Gienah’s Coins.

The time limit for this event is 3 minutes and the goal to clear the event is to catch at least 390 jelly fishes. Everyone participating in the event’s score will contribute towards this goal, so as long as you have enough players in the event, you will be able to clear this quest and get a Key of Harmony.

Sailing Co-op Quest: Catch Jellyfish! - How to get the Key of Balance in Lost Ark

Entering the Gate of Harmony in Lost Ark

Once the Gate of Harmony opens up, you can enter the portal and you will be transported to a sea arena along with the other players. After the prep period, all players will be designated into two teams as the event commences.

Gate of Harmony Spawn Time

As soon as you’ve obtained the Key of Harmony, you’re ready to begin your journey to the Gate of Harmony. However, due to the fact that the Gate of Harmony is a special event, it can only be accessed during designated hours of the day.

The Procyon’s Compass, a tool that displays several upcoming events and dungeons, can be used to maintain tabs on the availability of the Gate of Harmony. Keep track of the following to make sure you don’t miss out on the Gate of Harmony spawn times by doing the following:

  1. Open Procyon’s Compass by clicking on the compass icon in the upper-left area of the HUD.
  2. The ‘Adventure Island’ activity tab menu has a ‘Appearance Info’ option.
  3. When the Gate of Harmony event begins, set an in-game alert in Lost Ark.

How to Access Lost Ark Gate of Harmony: Master of the Sea

You can access the Gate of Harmony once the event is active. If you want, you can simply wait outside the Gate of Harmony until it is activated.

  1. Port Krona is the most convenient starting point because it sits in the midst of North Vern and Arthetine.
  2. Navigate to the northeast until you get to a massive, round gap in the sea. The Gate of Harmony can be found here.
  3. Wait for the start of the co-op event.
  4. You’ve will be divided into two teams and given the mission of taking out various sea creatures.

How to Complete Gate of Harmony: Master of the Sea Event

Different sea creatures will start spawning in the arena, which by now is split into two. Your team’s objective is to reach 4,000 points before your opponent team does. Each kind of sea creature will have different points, so try to focus on taking down the larger creatures only when they breach the surface of the water; as long as they are submerged, they will not take any damage.

  • Jellyfish – 5 points
  • Giant Squid – 30 points
  • Small Lucky Swordfish – 50 points
  • Large Lucky Swordfish – 350 points

The sea creatures also follow a definite path around the arena, so instead of chasing them down, you should find a position where you can easily shoot them down as they pass by. Some sea creatures can take away your ship’s durability as they crash through it, so pay attention and avoid these creatures.

Lost Ark Gate of Harmony Event Rewards

Once the score objective has been reached for the Gate of Harmony Event, both teams will get Gienah’s Coins and some Roster XP, with the winning team getting a bonus amount.

Chest of Harmony

Regardless if your team wins or loses, you can still open the Treasure Chest of Harmony that will appear in the center of the arena. Opening the chest will consume a Key of Balance, but it will reward you with around 60-75 Gienah’s Coins in return. A player can use as many Keys of Balance as they like if they have more than one.

Lost Ark Gate of Harmony Event Rewards

Additional Reward from completing the Gate of Harmony Event

Because of the Welcome Challenges, you will get additional one-time rewards from clearing the Gate of Harmony for the first time, as well as for doing one sailing co-op quest in the Sea of Gienah for the first time.

  • Sailing Co-op Quest – 5,000 Pirate Coins
  • Sailing: Gate of Harmony – 5,000 Pirate Coins

You can access the Welcome Challenge by clicking on its icon on the upper right corner of the screen, next too the minimap.

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