How to Get the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark

A guide on how to get the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Song of Resonance

The Song of Resonance is one of the songs that players can learn to play in Lost Ark. Songs are one of the many ways available for exploring the game’s various locales and unlocking many of the game’s secrets. Throughout the course of the game, characters can learn a variety of songs from sheet music, and by playing them, they can gain access to new regions, overcome certain obstacles, and so on.

Where is the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark?

This Song of Resonance in Lost Ark may be obtained from Treasure Hunter Igran on the Peyto cruise ship, who can be found in the Treasure Shoppe. Sail there, go upstairs, and spend the necessary amount of Pirate Coins to purchase the song. If you are in desperate need of Pirate Coins, you can obtain them by completing quests on minor islands such as Drumbeat Island.

How many Pirate coins do I need for Song of Resonance in Lost Ark?

To purchase the Song of Resonance, you will need a total of 16,500 Pirate Coins. If you want to collect as many Pirate Coins as possible in order to purchase Song of Resonance, then undertaking quests is the best option. You will be able to farm up to the needed amount of Pirate Coins within 30 minutes by completing objectives in the game. One of the best ways to earn quick coins are the quests on Freedom Isle and Blackfang Den, which are two islands that will reward players with more than a total of 15,000 Pirate Coins if you complete them all.

How to Get the Song of Resonance?

Prepare 16,500 Pirate Coins

These will be needed to purchase the song from the NPC.

Sail to Peyto

Once you’ve unlocked sailing, sail to Peyto in the Sea of Gienah to find a particular NPC on board the ship. The closest continent to sail from is at Anikka.

Look for Treasure Hunter Igran

Talk to Igran and you can then purchase the Song of Resonance from him. Do not forget to use the song from your inventory to register it in your Sheet Music menu.

Map: Treasure Hunter Igran location - Lost Ark

Do you need Song of resonance for Lullaby Island?

The Song of Resonance is required to complete the Lullaby Island quest, and it can also be used to open secret passages into hidden areas. The Song of Resonance is crucial and must be acquired before even attempting to locate Lullaby Island.

What is the Song of Resonance used for?

The Song is Resonance is used for a couple of instances such as:

  • Completing the Lullaby Island Quest
    • The Song of Resonance is used to clear the path to a secret area in Lullaby Island. Though only a single player needs to play the song in behalf of other players at this point, players must play the song to participate in the mini-event that will happen within the secret area to get the Forest Minuet, the item required to complete the island’s quest line. Check out our full Lullaby Island Quest guide.
  • Opening hidden passageways
    • There are several areas within the islands of Arkesia that have their entrances hidden beneath statues. Playing the Song of Resonance near these statues will reveal the hidden entrance to secret areas which usually hide Mokoko seeds and other hidden story items.
What is the Song of Resonance used for? - Lost Ark

How to Get Forest’s Minuet Song in Lost Ark?

Getting the Forest’s Minuet Song requires players to have obtained the Song of Resonance as a pre-requisite, and to have reached Level 50, before accepting a questline on Lullaby Island in Lost Ark. The Forest’s Minuet Song is a Sheet Music Song in Lost Ark that players will need in order to uncover hidden passages throughout the world as well as complete various regional side quests.

The Forest’s Minuet Song has two purposes:

  • To complete the “Whispering Minuet” Daily Quest, one of Una’s Tasks.
  • To aid in the removal of giant vines that are obstructing an area in the Lakebar zone that contains two Mokoko Seeds.

How do you buy songs in Lost Ark?

The Song of Resonance can only be found at a remote location that can only be accessed by boat, for example. Therefore, players will need to master the art of sailing before embarking on their trip to acquire songs. Players must finish the “Set Sail!” Main Story Quest in East Luterra in order to unlock the ability to travel by boat in Lost Ark. Afterwards, some songs will be available for purchase from certain NPCs and some will be unlockable by fulfilling pre-requisites on certain quests and level requirements.

How to Get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark

Pirate Coins are another type of currency used to purchase items from trading ships or merchants found in the open seas. As the name suggests, you can obtain these coins mainly by doing Island quests, or participating in timed events that happen out at sea.

Here are the ways to obtain Pirate Coins:

  • Welcome Challenges – Some Welcome Challenges can give out huge amounts of Pirate coins once their reward conditions are met. Some examples of challenges:
    • The Fantasm Island Story – 5,000 coins
    • A Panda Named Puppa – 5,000 coins
    • A Girl on White Wave Island – 15,000 coins
  • Trade with Merchant Ships – Merchant Ships can be found at the docks of the major ports. You can use the different kinds of coins that you get from completing island quests to exchange them with Pirate Coins. These other coins can be obtained from Sailing Coin Selection Chests.
    • Though it is a fast way to get plenty of Pirate Coins, we recommend to only use the other coins for this method sparingly as these coins can also purchase other special items from merchant ships.
  • Complete Island Quests – Some island quests reward Pirate coins once completed. Here are some examples of islands that give good Pirate Coin and special coin payouts:
    • Freedom Isle
    • Turtle Island
    • Blackfang’s Den
    • Runaways Island
    • Kalthertz
  • Co-Op Sailing Events – These events usually happen on certain days of the week. You will either have to co-operate or compete with other ships at sea as you do different kinds of tasks. Rewards usually include Pirate coins and other special coins.
  • Stronghold Dispatch Missions – You can gain Pirate Coins from dispatching your ships on different kinds of missions through your stronghold.
Lost Ark Freedom Island Quest

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