Lost Ark Moake World Boss Raid Guide

How to Find and Defeat Moake in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Moake Field Boss

Moake is one of the world bosses that players can challenge in Lost Ark. It resembles a chameleon that can dish out different kinds of attacks depending on its current color. Defeating Moake is also a required boss fight to complete the Punika Adventurer’s Tome.

In this guide, we will look into Moake’s attack patterns, and share some tips and strategies to defeat it easily.

How to Unlock the Moake Field Boss

  • Progress through the Punika main quest line to unlock the Tikatika Colony area
    • Moake will spawn on the northeast section of the Aira Pond.
  • Reach the recommended iLvl 1415
    • Though you can join the fight with a lower iLvl, you won’t be dealing optimal damage towards Moake

Where to Find Moake in Lost Ark?

Moake is a village in Punika that is part of the Tikatika Colony region. To find Moake, you have to travel by sea to Punika and then travel north from the Aira Pond Triport in order to reach this region. You can find Moake between north of Aira Pond and south of Promise Hill as seen on the map below.

map location - Where to Find Moake in Lost Ark
image credits to LostArkMap

If you’re having problems locating Moake, go to the server calendar and pick the Lost Ark Moake event from the drop-down menu. Then, by pressing the compass button, you’ll be able to see the actual location of Moake on a map as well.

When does Moake spawn?

Moake spawns on certain intervals within the week, along with the other field bosses. During these intervals, he will spawn every hour. You can use the Procyon’s Compass to see which times Moake will be spawning on which days. You may also set an alarm on specific days within your in-game Calendar to alert you once Moake is about to spawn.

Moake Attack Patterns and Tactics

Moake will cycle through his Green, Blue, and Red phases, dealing different elemental attacks based on his color.

Green Phase

  • Flash – Moake’s eyes will start glowing. They will then flash bright, sending cone-shaped blasts of light on both sides of his head. Anyone hit will also get stunned for a few seconds. Dodge towards directly in front of the head or near the tail to avoid the cones.
  • Caustic Fumes – Moake will spit out fumes in a cone shape both from his mouth and his tail. Move towards its side to avoid getting hit. This attack can happen in succession with the flash, so try to be aware of Moake’s safe quadrants.
  • Ground Slam – Moake will jump in the air, do a roll, and then crash to the ground. He can do this thrice, and can also do a crash having an additional mid-ranged caustic attack with narrow cones pointed towards Moake’s cardinal directions. Stay far away from him once he leaps up to avoid getting hit by the shockwave.
  • Body Roll – He will roll straight towards a direction for some distance. A rectangular marker will appear on the ground to telegraphs the direction where he is rolling. Avoid him as soon as the marker appears.
  • Tail Whip – He will turn his whole body to whip out his tail at a wide area. A semi-circle marker will appear on the ground to indicate the unsafe area. Avoid this area once it appears.
  • Breath and Beam – He will curve his tail to face forwards and will shoot out his breath and beam from his mouth and his tail, respectively; his head sweeping from left to right, while his tail from right to left. Dodge away from his front side and go near his body to be safe and to be able to land some hits.
  • Caustic Blast – He will charge for a bit and send out a shockwave. A red marker will appear on the ground shaped as a ring. Avoid the ring outwards, ot head to the safe spot in the center to avoid the shockwave and land some hits.
  • Sun Blast – Moake will raise his tail to summon beams of light on random spots nearby. After a few seconds, each spot will have a single line run through it, which will then explode a few moments after. Avoid the light pillars and reposition at safe spots once the light lines appear on the ground.

Blue Phase

Most of the attacks in this phase area the same with the ones from his Green phase, except for ranged attacks that now inflict Freeze.

  • Freeze Flowers – Moake will summon four flowers around him that have a freezing aura. Staying inside these auras will inflict stacks of Freeze, and with enough stacks, the player will be Frozen for a few seconds. These flowers can be destroyed to dispel the aura.
  • Freeze Beams – Similar to the Breath and Beam attack, but it can inflict Freeze.
  • Frozen Blast – Moake will raise his tail high as it sucks freezing air towards it to charge for the attack. He will then let out a huge blast around him, sending nearby players flying outwards. Either everyone tries to stagger him to prevent the blast, or just run away from the explosion range.

Red Phase

Most of the attacks in this phase area the same with the ones from his Green phase, except for ranged attacks that now inflict Burn.

  • Flame Flowers – Similar to the Freeze Flowers, but the flowers not spit fireballs that leave lingering flames on the ground.
  • Ball and Beam – Similar to the Breath and Beam attack, but he will spit out red orbs from his mouth and both attacks can inflict Burn.

How to Defeat Moake in Lost Ark

Make sure there are other players are present to assist you in defeating Moake, as it is an end-game boss built for group combat.

There are various different types of area-of-effect strikes that you should be aware of when fighting Moake. Tips on how to overcome most of Moake’s attacks, which you are likely to experience during the raid, are listed below:

  • When blue triangles appear all around Moake, it means an attack is about to happen. The light beams that arrive after a short delay cause damage to everyone in the vicinity and cast a temporary debuff. In these zones, you’ll be safest if you avoid them.
  • The boss will be surrounded by a number of red triangles. After a little wait, green light beams will appear and inflict harm on everyone nearby. Two triangles appear in front and behind Moake in a similar attack, and then green and purple light flashes.
  • Any player in front of Moake will be hit by the boss’s charge.
  • The flower on the tail of Moake will emit a beam that will injure anyone who comes into contact with it.
  • Moake will be surrounded by a half-circle. Upon a brief wait, Moake will swing its tail about, doing damage and causing interruptions to all players in its path
  • There will be a huge circle encircling Moake. Any player caught in its path will take damage and be disrupted for a short time after it has finished charging.
  • Lightning assaults will be indicated by the appearance of blue and red rings around the boss.

Moake Rewards and Loot

Once Moake has been defeated, players who participated in the fight will have a chance to receive these rewards:

  • Battle Engraving Recipe (epic)
  • Battle Engraving Recipe (legendary)
  • Bleed (Legendary Rune)
  • Destruction Stone Crystal
  • Guardian Stone Crystal
  • Legendary Ability Stone
  • Legendary XP Card
  • Level 1 Annihilation Gem
  • Level 1 Crimson Flame Gem
  • Omnium Star #5
  • Solar Blessing (bound)
  • Solar Grace (bound)
  • Solar Protection (bound)
  • Twisted Space Earrings
  • Twisted Space Ring
  • Twisted Time Earrings
  • Twisted Time Necklace
  • Twisted Time Ring


Description / Requirement


Battle Engraving Recipe (epic)

Obtain an epic Battle Engraving Recipe.

Battle Engraving Recipe (legendary)

Obtain a legendary quality battle engraving recipe book.

Bleed (Legendary Rune)

Chance to inflict bleed on targets hit with the skill.

Destruction Stone Crystal

Red Honing reagent used for honing T3 weapons.

Guardian Stone Crystal

Blue Honing reagents used for honing T3 armor.

Legendary Ability Stone

Obtain a Legendary Ability Stone that matches your item level.

Contains randomised Engraving nodes you can modify via the Ability Stone Cutter.

Legendary XP Card

Grants XP to a character on your roster.

Level 1 Annihilation Gem

A gem that grants one random gem effect when used.

Level 1 Crimson Flame Gem

A gem that grants one random gem effect when used.

Omnium Star #5

A collectable item that allows you to trade in for a variety of increase potions.

Solar Blessing (bound)

A Solar Blessing is a rare quality item, it is a harmonious essence that has been refined with balanced magic.

Increases the chance of successfully honing T3 gear.

Solar Grace (bound)

Harmonious Breath that emits a beautiful light.

Increases the gear's Honing success rate slightly.

Solar Protection (bound)

Solar Protection is an epic quality item, a radiant protection from the goddess Gienah.

Increases honing success rate on items significantly, used on T3 pieces of gear.

Twisted Space Earrings

Legendary quality earrings

5578 primary stat and 1659 Vitality. Gain one random combat stat and three random engravings.

Twisted Space Ring

Legendary quality ring

5179 primary stat and 1327 Vitality. Contains one random combat stat and three random engravings.

Twisted Time Earrings

Legendary quality earring

5578 primary stat and 1659 Vitality. Gain one random combat stat and three random engravings.

Twisted Time Necklace

Legendary quality necklace

7171 primary stat for your class and 2322 Vitality. Contains two random combat stat effects and three random engravings.

Twisted Time Ring

Legendary quality ring

5179 primary stat and 1327 Vitality. Contains one random combat stat and three random engravings.

Plus, defeating Moake at least once will complete his entry in the Punika section of your Adventurer’s Tome, and will give you 3 points of Charisma for your roster.

Moake is going to be a fantastic option for acquiring high-quality end-game gear. As of right now, it is the only end game world boss that provides T3 players with the opportunity to loot legendary end game items and equipment.

Moake Tips and Strategies

  • Party up with other people in the area to maximize your buffs and shields that can be shared within the party.
  • Since Moake is a field boss, anyone can die without any limit. You can use your Phoenix Plumes or just respawn on the Triport in the Aira Pond as it is just nearby. Just make sure to activate the Tripod beforehand.
  • Do not stray away from the fighting area or else it will reset Moake and his HP will be back at full health. If he is aggro on you, move towards the center of the area, otherwise tell the other players through the Area Chat to lure him back to the middle. The fighting area’s border is shown as a flame-like ring on the ground. You can also check near the bottom right corner of Moake’s HP to see if the “Reset Imminent” alert is flashing.

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