Lunagaron Guide – Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

A guide on how to hunt a Lunagaron in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Lunagaron cover

Lunagaron is one of the new monsters in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion. It usually roams the area of the Citadel, however some Lunagarons have been spotted near Kamura. This encounter started an investigation as to what caused its sudden and unusual migration, which led hunters to explore the land of Elgado.

In this guide, we will talk about Lunagaron and share some tips on how to make the hunt for it more manageable.

Lunagaron Characteristics

Lunagaron is a fanged beast that has a body structure similar to a wolf. Its theme is based on the classical depiction of a werewolf; when it enters its rage state, Lunagaron can even stand on its hind legs and take a bipedal stance.

Also known as “Moonlight Nocturne“, Lunagaron has the ability to control its body temperature and cause ice spikes to grow around its body when it needs to. It can also breathe out freezing air and instantly incapacitate those that get hit.

Due to its body structure, Lunagaron can be swift and agile, and therefore dangerous for hunters who cannot keep up with it. Its long tail is a third of its total body length and can be used as sort of a mace to swing against hunters. It is also known as one of the Three Lords of Elgado, along with Malzeno and Garangolm.

  • Element: Ice
  • Ailment: Iceblight
  • HP: 11,000 – 48,000 points
Lunagaron Characteristics - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Lunagaron Weaknesses

  • Weak Points – Head, Abdomen, Foreleg
  • Elemental/Ailment Weakness – Thunder, Fire, Dragon, Blast
  • Elemental/Ailment Resistance – Ice, Water, Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, Exhaust
  • Resistant Points – Torso, Back, Hind Legs, Tail

Aim for the head with either one of its elemental weaknesses whenever possible to slow it down. Since most of its weak parts are in the front half of its body, try to position accordingly while being aware of its tells so that you can make an easy evade. Ranged hunters should focus fire on its head with explosives to stun it.

Though it is resistant to most ailments, hitting it with a stun, paralysis, and even sleep can help reduce the challenge of the hunt by making Lunagaron as immobile as possible.

Lunagaron Moves

The Lunagaron has several moves and most of its attacks are pounce melee. Listed below are the most notable moves in its move set.

  • Head Shove: Lunagaron lowers its head to the ground as it charges forward. In its rage state, this attack turns into a charge.
  • Bite Down: It will raise its head with its mouth open to chomp down on anyone in front of it. This attack usually happens twice or thrice.
  • Dash: It runs straight forward to where it is facing.
  • Chilling Howl: It howls as it makes its body cooler, frost starts appearing on its legs and tail. The next howl will cover its entire body with icicles as it enters its rage state.
  • Backflip: It does a backflip in place, whipping its tail upwards.
  • Backflip and Slash: Lunagaron does a backflip in place and then lunge forward to slash its target.
  • Claw Swipes: As Lunagaron becomes bipedal, it swipes its claws up to four times as it walks forward. This has several variations, with most attacks having a tell where it winds its arms backwards or up high.
  • Backwards Kick: It swings its body to turn around while it extends its leg out to kick any hunter behind it.
  • Claw Slash: It stabs the ground and sends a wave slash forwards, breaking the ground as it goes.
  • Pounce: It rears while standing and then immediately pounces on anyone in front of it.
  • Icy Rain: It jumps up and forward in an arc while puffing out freezing air downward.
  • Freezing Breath: It breathes out a plume of freezing breath forward which inflicts iceblight and freezes anyone caught in it.

How to Beat Lunagaron in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

  • The front part of its body, especially its head, is its weakest part.
  • All damage types are almost equally effective when targeting Lunagaron’s head. For the rest of its body parts, either cutting or blunt damage works.
  • It is weakest against the fire element, so use weapons or consumables that can inflict fireblight. Blast weapons are also great, especially when used on its head as it also counts towards its stun threshold.
  • Use anything that can incapacitate its movements as much as possible to make the fight manageable. Traps, flash bombs, even puppet and marionette spiders can help a lot in keeping a Lunagaron still.
  • Whenever possible, lure another monster to fight Lunagaron using a Stinkmink to deal substantial damage.
  • When it is in its rage state, try to focus on breaking the icicles covering its body to break it out back to its normal state.
How to Beat Lunagaron in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
A wandering Lunagaron found in the Shrine Ruins near Kamura

Lunagaron has three phases based on its appearance:

Normal – Lunagaron First Phase

During its normal phase, Lunagaron will often do its pounces, dashes, and flips to fight against hunters. It will move around from point to point, so catching up to it can be quite tough, but is still manageable.

Frost – Lunagaron Second Phase

Lunagaron lets out its first Chilling Howl, growing icicles on its legs and tail. It will then move a bit faster and more aggressively, so pay close attention to its tells and moves to be able to move accordingly. The icicles on its body cannot be broken yet.

Full Freezing – Lunagaron Third Phase

After doing its second Chilling Howl, Lunagaron grows more icicles on its back, legs, and claws. It will also start standing up on its two hind legs. It will also start doing more claw swipes since its front legs are free to move.

At this point, Lunagaron’s movement will be harder to follow, so it’s best to dish out all incapacitating items to keep it in control. This is also the best time to lure in a monster to keep it distracted, as well as get a way to easily deal with its icicles and bring it back to normal. Once all its icicles are dealt with, Lunagaron will revert to the normal phase and start the cycle again until it gets slain.

Lunagaron Drops

Lunagaron drops these items:

  • Lunagaron Cortex
  • Lunagaron Shard
  • Luna Vermillion Hardclaw
  • Frostborn Hardfang
  • Lunagaron Bluecore
  • Lunagaron Frost Jewel
  • Lunagaron Lash Shell
  • Large Wyvern Tear

Lunagaron Armor

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Lunagaron Armor Set is a Rarity Level 8 Master Rank Armor Set.

  • 80,000 zenny
  • Lunagaron Shard x13
  • Luna Vermillion Hardclaw x12
  • Lunagaron Cortex x13
  • Lunagaron Frost Jewel x1
  • Frostborn Hardfang x6
  • Lunagaron Bluecore x3
  • Lunagaron Lash Shell x2
  • Cryo Sac x2
  • Auroracanth Fin x1
  • Chipped Oldbone x2
  • Centuria Ore x2

Lunagaron Armor Set Skills

  • Lunagaron Helm
    • Critical Eve Lv2
    • Wirebug Whisperer Lv1
  • Lunagaron Mail
    • Agitator Lv2
    • Redirection x1
  • Lunagaron Braces
    • Agitator Lv3
    • Wirebug Whisperer Lv1
  • Lunagaron Coil
    • Latent Power Lv2
    • Wirebug Whisperer Lv1
  • Lunagaron Greaves
    • Latent Power Lv3
    • Redirection Lv1

Lunagaron Layered Armor

The Lunagaron Layered Armor Set can be crafted with the following:

  • 16,000 zenny
  • Outfix Voucher+ x10
  • Lunagaron Points 6 pts/piece or 30 pts

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