Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Follower Collab Quests

An overview on how the Follower Collab Quests work in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Follower Collab Quest cover

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Follower Collab Quests are a new addition to the game where friends and allies from Kamura and Elgado will join in quests to provide help in various ways.

We’re going to talk about what we know so far about Follower Collab Quests and how it would help hunters with their journey.

How Follower Collab Quests work in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Follower Collab Quests are quests on their own and can only be played on single player mode. Prominent characters from Kamura and Elgado will join you in the quest and will help you with the hunt by using support and healing items, putting down traps, or riding monsters. It’s similar to how they can appear in Rampage Quests, except that they will join you from the start of the quest instead of just being summoned.

Exclusive rewards can be obtained from Follower Collab Quests, and the more quests you do with a particular character, the deeper your bond with them will become. You will also meet more characters to do quests with as you progress through the story.

There are two different kinds of Follower Collab Quests: Follower Quests and Support Surveys.

Follower Quests

In Follower Quests, you will bring along characters with you to clear a quest. Completing quests will improve your bond with the character, until it reaches the point where they can be brought along into Support Surveys.

Support Surveys

Similar to Follower Quests, Support Surveys allow you to bring followers along, only this time you get to choose which ones to bring, with you, and you also get to choose what weapons they wield. Each character has a limited selection of weapons that they can choose from, and they do have their preferred weapons. With this customizability, you’ll be able to fine tune their performance and improve your success rate on quests.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Follower Collab Quest Characters and Weapons

So far, these are the characters that can be brought along in Follower Collab Quests and their main weapons:

  • Quest Maiden Hinoa – Bow
  • Hub Maiden Minoto – Lance
  • Elder Fugen – Long Sword
  • Knight of the Royal Order Fiorayne – Sword and Shield
  • Sir Jae – Charge Blade
  • Admiral Galleus – Greatsword
  • Dame Luchika – Heavy Bowgun
  • Master Arlow – Gunlance

It is possible that there will be more characters that can be taken along in quests in the future.

Can Followers use different types of weapons?

According from this sneak peak posted by the official Monster Hunter Rise JP Twitter account, it is shown that Fiorayne who usually wields a Sword and Shield can also wield a Charge Blade, so it may also be possible that other followers can wield different types of weapons.

What happens when Followers faint?

When Followers faint, they can be revived by approaching them and interacting with them for a few seconds. We have yet to see if there is a revive limit for the Followers, but it is most likely that they will not affect the player’s cart count.

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