Make Ariel Walk on Land in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ariel gets to keep her voice this time.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ariel Walk cover

Ariel was known to have had her voice taken from her in exchange to get legs because of her desire to walk on land and to be with Eric, her love. She gets the opportunity to get her legs back once more to walk amongst the valley, but she gets to keep her voice this time, thanks to Eric’s help.

In this guide, we will talk about how to make Ariel walk on land again in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Pre-requisites to make Ariel walk on land

In order to help Ariel gain her legs back, you will need to unlock Prince Eric first and reach friendship level 3 with him to get the “Part of his World” quest. You will also need to unlock Maui and Remy, plus get access to the Forgotten Lands (15,000 Dreamlight) in order to get the necessary materials for the quest.

How to make Ariel walk on land in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To initiate the quest, you will need to talk to Prince Eric upon getting the “Part of his World” quest and he will tell you to get the help of Maui for his shapeshifting powers.

Step 1: Talk to Maui

Head to Maui and he will tell you to about the Shapeshifting Enchantment that can be used for Ariel.

Step 2: Gather the materials for the enchantment

You will need to gather these materials for the enchantment:

  • x5 White Impatiens – can be obtained from the Forgotten Lands
  • x5 Purified Night Shard
    • x25 Night Shards
    • x5 Dream Shards
  • x1 Empty Vial
    • x3 Glass

After collecting all of the materials, craft the Shapeshifting Enchantment under the Functional Items category of a crafting station. Take the enchantment to Eric and you will need to get the object to place the enchantment on, which is a nautilus shell pendant.

Step 3: Talk to Remy

After talking to Eric, he will give you a vial of Fish Gut Oil to give to Remy in order to make something to bait a nautilus. Talk to Remy and he will tell you to get some additional ingredients for the bait:

  • x1 Lancetfish – can be obtained from the Forgotten Lands
  • x1 Crab – can be obtained from the Frosted Heights
  • x4 Garlic – can be obtained from the Forest of Valor
  • x4 Onions – can be obtained from the Forest of Valor

Take the ingredients back to Remy and he will make the nautilus bait for you. Use the bait from your inventory to apply it on your fishing rod.

Step 4: Catch a Nautilus

Once the bait is applied on the rod, head to Dazzle Beach and head to the golden ripple near the bridge. Catch the nautilus the same way as you catch a fish, and once captured, bring the nautilus over to Eric. He will turn it into a pendant and apply the enchantment on it.

Step 5: Give the pendant to Ariel

Head to Ariel and give her the nautilus pendant. She will instantly gain her legs back and be able to walk on land again. Finally, talk to Eric to complete the quest.

Despite getting her legs back, Ariel still cannot be invited to hang around with your character nor can she be assigned one of the five roles.

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