Monster Hunter Rise Colossal Bone

A guide on how to get Colossal Bone in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Colossal Bone cover

The Colossal Bone is a crafting material that can be found and collected in Monster Hunter Rise. Colossal Bone is also known as the Massive Bone in other versions of the game. It can be commonly found from doing quests that involve hunting a Goss Harag and is also used for most Goss Harag weapons, as well as in other weapon trees.

Learn how to properly farm the Colossal Bone with our guide as we talk about which quests reward it and what weapons require it for crafting or upgrading.

How to get Colossal Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

The Colossal Bone is a target and quest reward for particular quests that involve hunting Goss Harag. These are the quests where rates for the Colossal Bone can be obtained:

  • Village 6★ Abominable Snow-beast – 20% rate (x1)
  • Hub 3★ The Blizzard Bender – 20% rate (x1)
  • Hub 3★ Tail to Tail – 18% rate (x1)
  • Hub 3★ Beastly Chaos – 18% rate (x1)
  • Hub 4★ The Frost Islands Arena – 10% rate (x2)
  • Hub 4★ Even Cute Things Have Fangs – 10% rate (x2)
  • Hub 4★ Blue, Round, and Cute – 10% rate (x2)
  • Event 3★ Heart of a Warrior – 18% rate (x1)
  • Event 6★ Out of Sight, Out of Mind’s Eye – 10% rate (x2)
  • Event 4★ The Tiniest Snowbaron! – 10% rate (x2)

It’s recommended to go for the Village 6★ Abominable Snow-beast quest going solo farming since you don’t only get the quest reward, you also get the 8% Target Reward rate from having to hunt Goss Harag. If playing with a party, the Hub 3★ The Blizzard Bender quest is a better choice.

Colossal Bone Uses

Colossal Bone is mainly used for weapons and gear under the Goss Harag tree, but it is also used for weapons and gear from other trees.

Weapon Crafting

Cyclo-Hammer I
  • Cyclo-Hammer I – x2 pieces
Gossblade I
  • Gossblade I – x4 pieces
Gossglaive I
  • Gossglaive I – x2 pieces
Kelbi Stingshot I
  • Kelbi Stingshot I – x3 pieces
Mincing Blade I
  • Mincing Blade I – x2 pieces
Yeti Hammer I
  • Yeti Hammer I – x2 pieces

Armor Crafting

Diablos Helm
  • Diablos Helm – x1 piece
Goss Harag Braces
  • Goss Harag Braces – x1 piece
Goss Harag Helm
  • Goss Harag Helm – x1 piece
Skull Visage
  • Skull Visage – x1 piece

Weapon Upgrade

Anteka Burst I
  • Anteka Burst I – x2 pieces
Arko Nulo Red II
  • Arko Nulo Red II – x3 pieces
Barbarian Tusk I
  • Barbarian Tusk I – x1 piece
Blazeblades II
  • Blazeblades II – x2 pieces
Bone Blade II
  • Bone Blade II – x2 pieces
Bone Buster
  • Bone Buster – x2 pieces
Cornupion II
  • Cornupion II – x3 pieces
Cunning Riposte II
  • Cunning Riposte II – x3 pieces
Fiore Nulo Green II
  • Fiore Nulo Green II – x3 pieces
Flaming Gunlance II
  • Flaming Gunlance II – x2 pieces
Gossblade I
  • Gossblade I – x2 pieces
  • Gossgun – x1 piece
Goss Lance I
  • Goss Lance I – x1 piece
Great Bagpipe
  • Great Bagpipe – x2 pieces
Kadachi Glaive II
  • Kadachi Glaive II – x2 pieces

Additional Tips:

  • The Colossal Bone cannot be obtained from bone piles or from carving Goss Harag.
  • One run through the listed quests can net you around 3-5 Colossal Bones.

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