Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Chapters List & Walkthrough

A complete guide for every chapter of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Chapters List & Walkthrough

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown follows the story of a young warrior named Sargon, who was sent on a quest to retrieve the abducted Prince Ghassan. His quest led him to Mount Qaf, a place that was once a prospering city. But a dark force has engulfed the place, disrupting the flow of time within its reach.

With the help of the Simurgh’s blessing, Sargon has to survive the dangers of Mount Qaf to fulfill his duty. Read ahead as we share guides for each of the chapters in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.


  • Boss fight: General Uvishka

The story starts in a middle of a battle between the Persians and the invading Kushans. With the help of the Immortals, Persia’s greatest warriors, the invasion was thwarted. While the kingdom of Persepolis celebrates the victory, Prince Ghassan was unexpectedly taken away. The Immortals are now tasked to bring back the prince from his captors.

Chapter 1: Lost in Mount Qaf

  • Boss fight: Jahandar
  • Weapon unlock: Menolias’ Bow and Chakram

The Immortals arrive in Mount Qaf, the place where the prince was taken to. As they get inside its gates, they immediately encountered the strange time-altering phenomena that has enveloped the place. The Immortals, including Sargon, split up to look for the prince through the abandoned city.

Chapter 2: The Abducted Prince

  • Boss fight: Vahram

Sargon finally catches up with Prince Ghassan and Anahita, the one who abducted the prince. Vahram also meets up with them, but instead of helping the prince, he kills the prince instead. Vahram then reveals that he also has time-altering powers and uses it to defeat Sargon. The Immortal leader then throws Sargon down into the depths and leaves him to die.

Chapter 3: The Tiger and the Rat

  • Time Power unlock: Shadow of the Simurgh

Sargon, who miraculously survived the fall, is now at the depths of the city with seemingly nowhere else to go and no one else to believe in. An old man then appears who serves as a guide to Sargon in getting back up to the surface.

Chapter 4: The Path to the Sand Prison

  • Boss fight: Kiana, the Forest Queen
  • Time Power unlock: Dimensional Claw, Clairvoyance

Sensing that Sargon is not ready yet, the old man suggests that he enter the Pit of Eternal Sands to look for the one incarcerated in it and obtain additional power. Sargon now has to find ways to remove the seals that are blocking the entrance to the pit.

Chapter 5: The Darkest of Souls

  • Boss fight: Azhdaha
  • Time Power unlock: Gravity Wings

Gaining access to the pit, Sargon must now face the creature that has the darkest of souls. The creature, known as Azdaha, knows the secrets on obtaining the power of the gods and Sargon must try to convince it to share its knowledge.

Chapter 6: The Celestial Guardians

  • Boss fight: Menolias, Orod
  • Weapon unlock: Chakram Shadow of the Simurgh upgrade

After defeating Azhdaha, the creature shares that Sargon must call upon the four Celestial Guardians as they are the key to obtaining the power that could save Prince Ghassan. Sargon has to travel throughout all the corners of Mount Qaf to seek each guardian, but the journey to reach each one of them is not easy and straightforward.

Chapter 7: Return to the Past

  • Boss fight: Vahram
  • Time Power unlock: Fabric of Time

With all the four Celestial Guardians awoken, they use their powers and send Sargon back to the past, just right before Prince Ghassan gets killed by Vahram. Sargon succeeds in saving the prince’s life, but now Vahram is aware that Sargon is getting stronger with the Simurgh’s power and wants that power for himself after the revelation that Vahram is actually the rightful prince of Persia.

Chapter 8: Father and Son

  • Boss fight: King Darius

Vahram is now after the Heart of the Simurgh and Sargon has to stop him from getting to it. In order to reach the Heart, he must obtain the Key of Kings, but he also has to fight the arisen King Darius who is the protector of the key.

Chapter 9: The Crossroads of Time

  • Boss fight: Vahram, Time and Space

Vahram succeeds in his plans to take the Heart for himself, but he also destroys almost everything in existence. Through the guidance of the Simurgh, Sargon finds the strength to confront Vahram and save him from his ruination.