Remnant 2: How to Talk to the Bridge Warden (You Shall Pass Achievement)

Remnant 2 How to Talk to the Bridge Warden Featured Image

The vast majority of secret interactions in Remnant 2 are triggered when you have the right equipment in your person. But very rarely do we get interactions that require us to not attack anyone in the surrounding area. But that’s what we have to do in order to have an amiable conversation with the Bridge Warden.

In this guide, I’ll tell you what you need to do to get a reward from the Bridge Warden on top of the bridge and unlock the ‘You Shall Pass’ Trophy/Achievement.

How to Get Bridge Warden’s Crest

The item you’ll get from the Bridge Warden is called the Bridge Warden’s Crest. You get it by being a good listener to the Bridge Warden as he talks about how the One True King saved the Fae from themselves.

To get the Bridge Warden’s Crest, you need to reach the bridge without killing too many enemies along the way. The bridge warden is not a fan of violence, so if he so much as catches a whiff of death and violence about you, all bets are off. Unfortunately, there is a factory full of enemies between you and the warden’s favorite brooding spot on top of the bridge. We need a route that avoids most enemies in the area.

Starting from the checkpoint stone in front of the factory, go towards this side street pictured above. By doing this, we avoid the big battle between the Fae and the Dran taking place inside the factory.

Important: You can kill every enemy starting from the world’s entrance all the way to the factory checkpoint. The Warden doesn’t mind a few dead Dran. He does, however, mind if Fae blood is on your hands.

If you get involved and kill everyone in the factory, the Bridge Warden will attack you on sight. Even if you have touched the nearby World Stone and reset everyone’s positions. It should also be noted that the Bridge Warden will not reset after killing him. He will be permanently removed until you re-roll your adventure.

The side street isn’t exactly safe either. There are three Dran guarding the place and you may kill them to get through the area. This is especially true for the third blunderbuss-wielding Dran. He can shoot you out of the conversation with the Warden if you let him live.

What I did was kill the three Dran hanging out in the alley and then touched the Promenade World Stone. This resets the Dran’s position and alert level. You should now be able to freely talk to the warden without the threat of being shot in the back.

When starting a conversation with the Bridge Warden, he will first take a deep breath and assess if you have the scent of violence on you. Having passed the test, you are now free to ask him about the blood-hunger he’s going on about. You will then ask two follow-up questions about his purpose and the King’s role in taming the Fae.

Try not to leave the conversation too early. That might cause you to miss a chance to get the ring and the achievement.

Talk to him long enough and he’ll bestow upon you the Bridge Warden’s Crest. At the same time, the ‘You Shall Pass’ Trophy/Achievement will unlock the moment you get the ring in your possession.

What does the Bridge Warden’s Crest do?

The Bridge Warden’s Crest is a curious accessory. When you have this ring on, Perfect Dodges increase Melee Damage by 15% for 7 seconds. Additionally, Perfect Evade Flops also get a 10% Damage Reduction for the duration.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this ring was Leto’s armor. The Mk II is great but it is often hampered by fat rolls more than anything else. This forces us to have to find ways to reduce encumbrance, which often comes at the cost of offensive options. With this ring equipped, there’s only one playstyle in mind, Perfect Flops or nothing.

Throw in a Berserker’s Crest and the newly added Birthright of the Lost and you have the building blocks for a sustainable Punish Build.

And that’s everything I have for this Bridge Warden how to talk to guide. Remnant 2 is truly first in its class when it comes to secrets. I can’t wait to find more of them when the rest of the planned DLCs ship out.

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