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Seregios is a returning monster in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Last seen in Generations Ultimate, it is back once again in the hunting list as hunters set off to Elgado to investigate the the mysterious disturbances in the area.

In this guide, we will talk about Seregios and share some tips on how to make the hunt for it more manageable.

Seregios Characteristics

Seregios is a flying wyvern that is known for its bladed scales and for its expertise in aerial hunting. Its head, legs, and tail are full of these scales which it can fling towards its target. It can also fling them in a fan to set its prey’s path into its perfect target location.

These scales are highly sought for their sharpness since they are sharp enough to cause deep lacerations and inflict profuse bleeding. Which is why hunters should also prepare whenever they have to hunt a Seregios so as not to get cut with these scales themselves.

Seregios are adept at ambushing their prey from the skies, and due to this, they mainly use their legs instead of their wings to attack hunters. Focusing on these legs more will cause a Seregios to trip often, making the hunt easier to manage.

Seregios Characteristics - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Seregios Weaknesses

  • Weak Points – Head, Legs
  • Elemental/Ailment Weakness – Thunder, Ice, Exhaust, Blast
  • Elemental/Ailment Resistance – Fire, Paralysis
  • Resistant Points – Back, Wingarm

As Seregios often flies and dives down, there won’t be that many chances to hit its head. However, its legs are also as equally weak to damage as with its head, so weapons like the Longsword, Dual Blades, and Sword and Shield are effective in dealing damage in these tight windows. Lance and Gunlances can also block and counter the dives to get a more direct hit at the legs as soon as they land.

Going with Thunder element weapons is the way to go as Seregios is weak to this element. Bringing Flash Bombs and using them in time with the dives is one way to counter its attacks.

Seregios Moves

The Seregios has several moves and most of its attacks are dives and tail whips. Listed below are the most notable moves in its move set.

  • Talon Scratch: Seregios uses its talons to pick and scratch on hunters near its feet.
  • Talon Dive: Seregios dives down talons first towards its target. This attack can happen twice in a row.
  • Slide Dive: It dives down similar to a Talon dive, however it starts off by spin flying upwards and then it slides sideways as it dives down.
  • Tail Whip Combo: It whips its tail and follows the momentum hovering upwards, where it will then whip its tail towards the opposite side as it dives downwards. It can also make its second tail whip shoot out a fan of scales if it is in its rage state.
  • Scale Spray: Seregios flares out its neck scales and shoots out its scales towards its target. It can also do a follow up where it whips around and flares its tail scales to shoot out more projectiles. It can also shoot out a fan of scales from its tail towards the ground as it hovers.
  • Sweeping Fly-by: Seregios’ signature attack where it flies up and sweeps through the air following a circular path.

How to Beat Seregios in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

  • Seregios’ head and legs are its weakest points. Cutting weapons should focus on the legs, blunt weapons should focus on the head, while shot weapons can focus on either.
  • Since the bleeding ailment has been updated to be made easier to manage, you can try to get to a safe spot first before trying to crouch. Running is still not recommended, but it is not as dangerous as before as long as you do not get hit by any other attacks in the process (non including friendly fire).
  • If possible, lure in another monster using a Stinkmink to fight against Seregios and deal significant damage to it.
How to Beat Seregios in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Seregios can shoot out its scales from the sky

Seregios has two phases: normal and rage state:

Seregios Normal First Phase

Seregios normally attacks using its legs and its tail while hovering in the air. Whenever it is in the sky, it will attempt to dive down and either kick the target or use its tail to impale the target. Using Flash Bombs while Seregios is in the air is effective as it cancels its attacks and makes it fall to the ground.

Seregios will also shoot out its slicing scales as projectiles. When hit, hunters will get the Bleeding ailment. This will appear as a purple bar overlaid on a section of the HP bar. Whenever the hunter does any action that takes more effort than walking (i.e.: running, attacking), the purple bar goes up and once the hunter gets hit again, that amount of damage will be taken from the hunter’s current HP on top of the hit’s damage.

To cure the bleeding ailment, the hunter must crouch and stay still at a safe area for a few seconds. An alternative cure for bleeding is to eat a Well-Done Steak, but this is only recommended if the hunter needs to replenish stamina as this option takes a longer time to cure than the first one.

Seregios Rage Second Phase

When Seregios enters its rage state, its scales will flare out, making it look like a pinecone. In this state, it will become more aggressive and it can chain attacks in a quicker succession, making it harder for hunters to recover from a hit if they’re being targeted.

At this point, it’s best to dish out all the incapacitating moves and items that can induce sleep, stun, or paralysis to keep Seregios under control.

Seregios Drops

Seregios drops these items:

  • Seregios Airblade+
  • Seregios Breacher+
  • Seregios Carver+
  • Seregios Impaler+
  • Seregios Lens
  • Seregios Scraper+
  • Seregios Slavescale+
  • Large Wyvern Tear

Seregios Armor

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Seregios Armor Set is a Rarity Level 9 Master Rank Armor Set.

  • 80,000 zenny
  • Seregios Airblade+ x9
  • Seregios Breacher+ x2
  • Seregios Carver+ x6
  • Seregios Impaler+ x1
  • Seregios Lens x1
  • Seregios Scraper+ x4
  • Seregios Slavescale+ x10
  • Bnahabra Razorwing x2
  • Tiny Hermitaur Shell x4
  • Goldite Ore x2
  • Twisted Stiffbone x2

Seregios Armor Set Skills

  • Regios Helm
    • Bladescale Hone Lv1
    • Constitution Lv3
  • Regios Mail
    • Bladescale Hone Lv1
    • Evade Window Lv3
  • Regios Vambraces
    • Handicraft Lv3
  • Regios Coil
    • Wall Runner (Boost) Lv1
    • Wall Runner Lv2
  • Regios Greaves
    • Bladescale Hone Lv1
    • Evade Extender Lv2

Seregios Layered Armor

The Seregios Layered Armor Set can be crafted with the following:

  • 16,000 zenny
  • Outfix Voucher+ x10
  • Seregios Points 6 pts/piece or 30 pts

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