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What's waiting at the end of The Quarry for each of the counsellors.

The Quarry epilogue and character endings for each counsellor can vary depending on the choices you’ve made during your time with them. Not all of them can make it to the ending and if you’re feeling particularly malicious, none of them could. On this guide, we’ll detail all of The Quarry epilogue character endings for each counsellor.

There are 9 playable characters, each of them have different fates depending on what path you took. Here are all The Quarry character endings for each counsellor:

Jacob - The Quarry Character Endings


  • Alive: Jacob can make it through the night uninfected.
  • Infected: Jacob can make it through the night but infected.
  • Dead: Jacob can die due to multiple factors.

Jacob has one of the biggest influences out of all the nine other counsellors. His actions at the beginning of the game is what strands them in Hackett’s Quarry for the night. Jacob can make it alive through the night provided you made the right choices but he can die in multiple ways.

If the player isn’t careful Jacob can have his head crushed by a bear trap, drown underwater, mauled by a werewolf, or die to a shotgun blast. By far, Jacob has the most variety of deaths.

The best ending for Jacob is one where he reunites with Emma at the epilogue of the game where he confesses his role in keeping everyone trapped. This ending requires having Emma infected by a werewolf during Chapter 4. Afterwards you need to have Jacob Hide instead of Run when he comes looking for her and is chased by a werewolf.

Emma - The Quarry Character Endings


  • Alive: Emma can make it through the night.
  • Infected: Emma can make it through the night but infected.
  • Dead: Emma can die due to multiple factors.

Emma is one of the counsellors who’s at high risk going face-to-face with a werewolf in the island treehouse. She can die or get infected from the encounter. Getting infected might actually lead to a secret ending where she reunites with Jacob and he tells her the truth. This ending earns you the Nobody’s Fool trophy.

Surviving the werewolf encounter unharmed in Chapter 3 actually leads to a rather uneventful ending for Emma. She stays in Chris Hackett’s surveillance room for the rest of the night.

Abigail - The Quarry Character Endings


  • Alive: Abigail makes it through the night.
  • Dead: Abigail gets mauled by a werewolf.

Abigail is a unique character in that regardless of what happens to her, she cannot get infected. This is even after you get bitten by a werewolf during Chapter 3. Whether this is a plot oversight by Supermassive Games or a telltale that she’s immune is up to interpretation.

Abigail doesn’t have that many endings or plays a big role. She either survives the night or gets mauled by werewolves. Failing to shoot Nick in the Poolhouse can lead to her head being decapitated brutally. This earns you the Lover’s Quarrel trophy. And choosing to Hide instead of Run in Chapter 3 results in her getting caught by a werewolf.

Nick - The Quarry Character Endings


  • Alive: Nick is cured of werewolf infection.
  • Infected: Nick is still infected by the end of the night.
  • Dead: Werewolf Nick gets shot by silver bullets.

Nick cannot avoid being turned into a werewolf. He will get bitten in Chapter 3 regardless of the choices made. And if you don’t shoot him in the Poolhouse he will kill Emma. That being said, it is relatively impossible to kill him until late into the game where don’t stop Laura from pumping Werewolf Nick full of silver shotgun shells.

Nick doesn’t really have that much screen time. After his transformation in the Poolhouse, you can no longer control him. Whether he’s cured of his infection by the end is up to whether or not you kill Silas.

Ryan - The Quarry Character Endings


  • Alive: Ryan made it through the night.
  • Infected: Ryan is still infected by the end of the night.
  • Dead: Ryan can die due to multiple factors.

Ryan is one of the more action oriented survivors of the nine. He frequently holds a gun on his hand and has the most combat encounters with werewolves baring Kaitlyn. He is also the only counsellor who can accidentally kill another counsellor by shooting them.

Ryan can die either by bleeding out or getting mauled by a werewolf. If Laura makes poor decisions during her incarceration under Sheriff Hackett, then he can also potentially die to having his head blown off.

Both Chris Hackett and Ryan cannot survive the night. One of them has to die as Ryan is left with no choice but to shoot Chris else get mauled to death by him. Ryan can also die from Silas if he doesn’t use the werewolf blood on himself during the final confrontation. Alternatively, Ryan can shoot Laura’s werewolf form but he still gets painfully mauled by Werewolf Chris.

Dylan - The Quarry Character Endings


  • Alive: Dylan can make it through the night.
  • Infected: Dylan can make it through the night but infected.
  • Dead: Dylan can die from being mauled by a werewolf.

Dylan can potentially be amputated to cure himself of the werewolf infection. If you choose not to cut his arm off, he will turn into a werewolf by Chapter 9 in the Scrapyard. Though you can cure him if you’ve killed Silas or Caleb at the end of the game.

Turning him into a infected might be the best decision as he doesn’t have to live with the fact that he only has one arm now.

Kaitlyn - The Quarry Character Endings


  • Alive: Kaitlyn can make it through the night.
  • Infected: Kaitlyn can make it through the night but infected.
  • Dead: Kaitlyn can die from being mauled by a werewolf.

Kaitlyn is the only counsellor with the potential to kill Caleb Hackett for good. This depends on whether Abigail and Emma manage to give her the silver shotgun shell in the final confrontation. However she can also end up being mauled to death by Caleb or infected if the player chooses to make her jump out of the window.

Caleb will not attack Kaitlyn once she gets bitten. This can potentially save both her and Caleb at the end of the night if the player manages to kill Silas.

Laura - The Quarry Character Endings


  • Alive: Laura can make it through the night.
  • Infected: Laura can make it through the night but infected.
  • Dead: Laura can die due to multiple factors.

Laura is one of the more pivotal characters of The Quarry. Having as much influence on the events as Jacob. Her decision to come early to Hackett’s Quarry leads to her boyfriend, Max, getting infected by Chris Hackett. She also kills Kaylee Hackett regardless of the choices made prompting the Hackett family to stop protecting the counsellors.

Laura will be infected by the events of the Poolhouse. This can’t be avoided and she will turn into a werewolf. This will be up to Ryan if he shoots Chris Hackett’s werewolf form to get her back to normal. What happens next depends on whether Laura angered Travis Hackett by shooting him back in the Sheriff’s office as he will stab her with a shard of broken glass if you didn’t get on his good side.

During the final confrontation, Laura can shoot Silas when he’s injured in his cage or let him kill Travis and Ryan (or Laura depending on who took the wolf’s blood). However if you fail the QTE when Silas attacks the car, Laura can use her remaining moments to kill Silas killing them both.

Max - The Quarry Character Endings


  • Alive: Max is cured of his Werewolf infection.
  • Infected: Max is still infected.
  • Dead: Max is mauled by a Werewolf.

Max is a counsellor with the shortest screen time. You only control him for five minutes and it’s at the end of the game. He spends most of it being a werewolf. If you kill Chris Hackett and save Ryan, you can cure him from infection.

Max can potentially die if he chooses to swim across the island he’s on. There is still a werewolf on the other side that’s waiting for him.

All The Quarry Epilogue Outcomes
  • Psycho Teens After Summer Camp Massacre: This is the standard epilogue that you’ll get at the beginning of the Bizarre Yet Bonified podcast. This will change depending on how much Evidence you collected.
  • Bodies Pile Up After Camp Massacre: If not all of the counsellors survive or if all are dead, this is the ending.
  • Unidentified Animals Loose in North Kill Forest: This ending is acquired if all the counsellors are alive but the rest of the Hackett family are dead. You need to collect all the evidence for this epilogue.
  • Hackett Family Charged For Hiker Disappearance: This endings is acquired if all the counsellors are alive and some of the Hackett family remain. You need to collect all the evidence for this epilogue.

Despite Supermassive Games claiming there are 186 different endings, many endings have little variation. The epilogue will really depend on who you keep alive and how much evidence you found. The Quarry character endings really don’t show you what happens to the counsellors besides the podcast.

The Quarry Epilogue achievement trophy

To get The Quarry Epilogue achievement or trophy just entails listening to the closing podcast that plays during the end credits, and watching the full epilogue at the end of the game.

We have a guide for getting the best ending that you might want to read. Check out our The Quarry Best Ending: How To Keep Everyone Alive guide which will give you the Rough Night achievement. You can read it in conjunction with our The Quarry Evidence Locations guide which will help you get the Conspiracy Theorist and The Truth Is Out There trophies.

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That’s our The Quarry Character Endings guide. We hope this helped you achieve the outcome you’re looking for. We have more articles on The Quarry so don’t leave us just yet.

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