The Quarry Best Ending: How To Keep Everyone Alive

Earn the happy ending for the counsellors of Hackett's Quarry.

In The Quarry Best Ending, every one of the counsellors is safe and alive. However there are also other requirements to keep them out of prison after the events of The Quarry. Here is what you need to do to get The Quarry best ending. We’ll try to minimize spoilers as much as possible.

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How To Get The Quarry Best Ending?

You need to keep all nine counsellors alive and collect all the Evidence to get the best ending of The Quarry. Collecting all the Evidence will absolve the counsellors from being charged with criminal intent at the epilogue of the game.

There is one Evidence for each of the ten chapters of The Quarry. We have our The Quarry Evidence Locations guide that will show you where to find each one with no spoilers. You should give a read since it will walk you through on making sure you don’t miss any of the Evidence.

Keeping all your Counsellors alive isn’t necessary for the good ending, however you will want them all to live for the best ending possible of The Quarry. Stay with us, because we’ll show you how to keep all your camp counsellors alive.

How To Keep The Counsellors Alive?

You have to make the right decisions in critical moments in order to keep the counsellors alive. There are plenty of QTE segments in The Quarry and while you don’t need to succeed in every single one, you do need to succeed in pivotal parts of the story.

How To Keep The Counsellors Alive - The Quarry Best Ending

Not every chapter has an event that will kill one of the camp counsellors. We’ll list the critical choices below that you need to make to keep everyone alive.

Here are pivotal decisions you need to make in The Quarry to keep all the Counsellors alive:

Chapter 1

  • Jacob: Choose to take the rotator cap as this will be used to collect Evidence later on.

Chapter 3

  • Abigail: Choose to Save Nick. After Abigail runs above the stairs, choose Run instead of Hide when being chased by the monster. It doesn’t matter if you pick to Climb Tree or ignore the prompt. There will be a segment where you have to hold your breath at the end of the chase sequence.
  • Jacob: Choose to Untangle the barbed wire after choosing to collect the evidence instead of surfacing. To get to this point, you need to pick Dive In instead of going to Save Abi.
    • Jacob: Ignore the prompt to Call Out. Pick Plead when the option comes up and ignore the prompt to Throw Dirt.
  • Ryan: When saving Nick, always pick to take the shortcut. You’ll have to succeed the QTE prompts in your way. After reaching Nick, shoot the man dragging him.

Chapter 4

  • Ryan: Apply pressure on Nick’s wound. A little later, when taking aim at the bushes, do not shoot and let the prompt time out. Choose not to let go of the gun later on in a struggle.
  • Emma: Choose to rummage through the bags instead of going up the trap door. Once the monster drops from below, choose to use the taser on it. Then quickly take the photo. There will be a QTE chase sequence once you’re outside. Choose to use the bear spray once you have the option. Once you’re back inside the tree house, either barricading or climbing up the trap door will be valid choices. If you did choose to barricade the door, use the bear spray once it breaks through the window. There will be a couple of QTE sections you need to succeed.
    • Emma: Once Emma climbs the ladder above to use the zipline to flee the island, start by rolling it slowly towards you. Then accept the prompt to accelerate rolling. After the monster jumps out of the trap door, choose to Jump and after a QTE you’ll safely be able to flee.

Chapter 5

  • Ryan: When aiming at the ceiling, do not shoot your gun. Let the prompt die out. You’ll get the option to pick either Chainsaw or Shotgun later, either of which will do.

Chapter 6

  • Jacob: When being chased by a monster, pass the QTE section. You’ll get the option to Run or Hide. If you didn’t Throw Dirt earlier, you can go ahead and Hide as the blood will disguise Jacob from the threat. Pick Run to bypass it and you’ll get to an area where you’ll get stuck in a beartrap. Choose to Pry Open the bear trap.
  • Abigail: After getting the shotgun, shoot Nick. He’ll survive.

Chapter 7

  • Laura: After being left to explore your cell, go to the brick that’s sticking out by the bed. Interact with it and Laura will find that she needs something to loosen it with. Then climb onto the bed and pick up the spoon you can use to open this brick up. You will need this for later.
    • Laura: When exploring the Sheriff’s Office, go to the second floor and pick up the syringes that is in the lockers in one of the rooms. Hide this in the brick sticking out before going to bed. Feel free to explore before continuing.
      • Laura: When Officer Hackett comes back, do not grab the gun when prompted. Listen to his story when he explains things. This will be needed for later.

Chapter 8

  • Ryan: When underground and reunited with Jacob, choose the prompt not to Open Cage as it is electrified. Also choose to Stop Laura from shooting. Choose to Help Jacob and you’ll get into a puzzle sequence. Pick 1 and 2 breakers. Choose to Continue and then pick 2 and 3 breakers. This will free him.

Chapter 9

  • Ryan: It doesn’t matter if you choose to pull the knife out or let it stay, but you’ll have to pass the QTE segments until you reach the end. After Ryan sees a pursuer entering the room he’s in, choose to Hide. It’ll make Ryan hide under the bed or the wardrobe if you interacted with it.
    • Ryan: If you did choose to leave the knife in, do not stab your pursuer with it. Choose to let Laura bite you and then pull away after she looks at it for too long.
      • Ryan: After falling down a floor, Ryan will pick up a shotgun with silver rounds. Use it to shoot the werewolf.
  • Laura: You’ll have to wrestle the shotgun with someone by quickly tapping the specified button. Then after fleeing, you’ll get a QTE to dodge gunfire.
    • Laura: When arriving inside the bathroom, choose to Hide instead of running. Hold your breath until the threat passes.
  • Dylan: At the Scrapyard, choose to Warn Kaitlyn. Pick Sound Horn and you’ll have to pass a QTE segment.

Chapter 10

  • Max: Choose to Stay on the island instead of swim to shore. There is still a monster on the other side that will kill him if he chooses to flee the island.
  • Kaitlyn: After arriving back at the Hackett’s Lodge, go to the kitchen and interact with the bag at the opposite end of the freezer room. Kaitlyn will take out a stuffed toy which you’ll use later.
    • Kaitlyn: After preparing for an attack, choose to Run instead of Wait when the monster goes up the staircase. You can still survive by waiting, but you have to succeed in shooting the monster in a quick stand off against it. When Kaitlyn runs to the attic, choose to the Beam instead of the Window. When Kaitlyn goes down from the attic, choose to Run instead of Hide. After you’ve reached the first floor, choose to follow Dylan into the kitchen. You’ll have to hold your breathe. When given the option, choose to Run instead of hiding. Kaitlyn will instead take the stuffed toy from earlier and throw it into the freezer distracting the monster.
      • Kaitlyn: If you got the silver shotgun rounds from Laura earlier, then you can pick Investigate. But you have to be confident in your aim as you will have to shoot the monster.
  • Laura: There will be a quick QTE prompt while driving. Choose to take the wheel, and then pass another prompt.
    • Laura: In the final encounter, Raise Gun and shoot the monster ending the story for good.

While you can keep the counsellors alive, the same cannot be said for the Hackett family. Kaylee, Caleb, Chris, and Constance Hackett cannot be saved if you wish to keep all playable characters alive. Kaylee Hackett will be killed no matter what though Caleb and Constance can be spared by sacrificing your counsellors. Killing the Hackett family is actually a requirement for the Family Matters trophy. If you’re looking to kill the Hackett family, that may require another playthrough with different choices.

So long as you keep all of your camp counsellors alive, you’ll earn the Rough Night trophy regardless of the status of any of the Hackett family. As long as you make the right decisions in the key moments we listed above, you’ll be able to keep them all alive.

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That’s our guide for The Quarry Best Ending. We hope you got every single one of the counsellors safe and alive. Don’t go just yet, because we have more on The Quarry.

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