V Rising Library Floor: How to Get

A guide on how to get Library Floors in V Rising.

V Rising Library Floor cover

The Library Flooring is one of the floors that can be used to decorate the interior of a castle in V Rising. Aside from adding to the aesthetics in getting a library vibe, this particular floor also provides an additional perk.

In this guide, we will talk about how to get and use the Library Floor.

How to get the Library Floor in V Rising

There are two ways of getting the Library Floor recipe, and both heavily rely on luck:

  • Its recipe can be obtained as a book dropped by enemies or by breakables
  • It can be randomly unlocked via the Study for 75 Scrolls

The odds of getting the recipe book can be slightly raised by actively hunting down V Bosses or high level soldiers in the Dunley Farmlands as they have a higher tendency of dropping them, however they can drop duplicates of the recipes that you have. On the other hand, duplicates can still be salvaged for 15 Scrolls at The Devourer which still offer some progress.

Doing raiding runs is still the most effective way of getting Scrolls fast, most especially if you play in co-op as you and your teammates can cover a lot of land in a day. We talk more about Scroll farming in our V Rising Scrolls: How to Get and Use guide.

Library Flooring can be discovered through the Study.

How to use the Library Floor in V Rising

To use the Library Floor, you will need the following materials first:

  • x4 Blood Essence
  • x4 Plank

Then, simply go to the Build Menu > Castle > Floors and select the Library floors. You can select between the options depending on what pattern you like to have in your Library. Then, you can place the floor on the tile you need it to be that is within your castle’s boundary. The tile can either be a bare tile or a floored tile.

So far, the only structure that gets benefits from the Library Floor is the Paper Press. It’s best to note that the full effect of a Library Floor can only be attained if the area that both the Paper Press and the Library Floor is placed on is a closed room lined up with castle walls. Otherwise, the closed room bonus will not apply, and so will the floor bonus since it also requires a closed room.

As an additional note, the floor bonus will not apply if you have a big room with different tile types; the floor bonus will only apply if all the tiles in the room are the same type. So, it’s in your best interest to create a some sort of a library or a study hall so that you can just apply the Library Floor within that room’s area. If you don’t like the enclosed feeling of a small room, the castle arches wall is the best for this case since it is still considered as a wall while still providing that open hall aesthetic.

Library Flooring can be applied on top of existing floors to replace them.

How to remove floors in V Rising

Removing floors in V Rising is easy as you can simply just point at the floor you want to be removed and press the Space Bar to dismantle it. However, there are times that it just does not work for some reason.

Don’t worry because we figured it out. Apparently, floors can only be removed if there’s absolutely nothing on top of them; this includes walls and pillars. If you need to remove a floor that is adjacent to the wall, you will have to dismantle the wall first and pillars that might be connected to it.

This seems to be a wasteful way of remodeling your castle especially if your walls have been standing for more than a day and you’ll only get 75% of the materials for dismantling it. But this is the only way to do it for now and we’re hoping that the devs would make some changes to this soon. We’ll just have to plan better at the mean time and make sure to have extra stocks of materials.

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