V Rising Merciless Copper Mace: How to Get

A guide on how to get the Merciless Copper Mace in V Rising.

V Rising Merciless Copper Mace cover

The Merciless Copper Mace is one of the early upgraded weapons that players can craft and use in V Rising. It is an upgraded version of the Copper Mace and not only is it a great weapon to wallop enemies with, but it’s also a great tool when collecting materials from rock spawns.

In this guide, we will be talking about how to get a Merciless Copper Mace.

How to unlock the Merciless Copper Mace recipe

The Merciless Copper Mace recipe in V Rising, as with all the other Merciless upgrades, can be obtained through different ways:

  • The recipe can be picked up as a random drop from bandits
  • The recipe can be randomly unlocked from the Research Desk

The recipe is a rare drop from enemies in the 28-32 levels, such as the bandits at the north part of Farbane Woods. Since the chance of getting one is relatively slow, it is best to go for the Research Desk option through farming Paper.

Where to farm Paper

The best place to farm Paper is at the east section of the Farbane Woods. In here, three major Bandit Camps can be visited nearby and a quick and simple farming route can be made. The camps nearby are:

  • Bandit Logging Camp
  • Bandit Trapper Camp
  • Bandit Stronghold

It’s best to just raid the place and eliminate everyone in the camp except for the bosses. You should also take the time to destroy every crate and barrel in the camps as they can also drop Paper as well as some Books. Duplicate books can be salvaged at The Devourer (unlocked by defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer) to get 10 Papers per book. Just make sure to check with your Research Desk that it’s really a duplicate.

Using the Research Desk, you can discover a random technology in exchange for 50 Papers. If you get lucky, you can unlock the Merciless Copper weapons, including the Merciless Copper Mace.

V Rising Merciless Copper Mace Stats

The Merciless Copper Mace has the following stats:

  • Gear Level 12
  • +11.5 Physical Power
  • +25% Physical Damage to Minerals
  • 1,292 Durability

The Merciless Copper Mace has a 3-hit combo and a Crushing Blow which can be used to close the gap between you and your enemy, plus it has a 2-second snare. It is strong enough to mine Copper, Iron, and Regular Mineral deposits.

Crushing Blow.

It can be crafted from the Simple Workbench using these materials:

  • x1 Copper Mace
  • x2 Crude Topaz
  • x8 Whetstone
  • x4 Leather

Its durability can be repaired with the following materials:

  • x3 Copper Ingot
  • x2 Whetstone
  • x2 Plank
  • x3 Gem Dust
Merciless Copper Mace recipe.

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