Weird West – Crime and Punishment Quest Guide

Learn where to find the Oneirist for the Cursed Statuette in Weird West.

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Crime and Punishment is an optional side-mission in Weird West that has you assisting a mysterious Cursed Statuette in an effort to turn it back to normal. They claim to have been cursed by an Oneririst and breaking the curse involves finding one.

This is a multiple-choice quest that will take you to several locations. It will take time until you find what you’re looking for.

How to Begin ‘Crime and Punishment’ Quest in Weird West

You start the Crime and Punishment quest by taking any bounty that leads to Sandstone Ford. Once you’ve reached the location and dispatched your bounty, you’ll find the Cursed Statuette trapped near some candles in the deepest part of the mines.

Where to Find an Oneirist For the Cursed Statuette - Weird West - Crime and Punishment Guide

Where to Find an Oneirist For the Cursed Statuette?

You will find the Oneirist you need for the Cursed Statuette in a random encounter called “Profane Ritual.” This might take some time until you do.

During Profane Ritual, you’ll meet up with a group of Oneirist with a pentagram and one of their dead in the ground. Immediately speak with Eileen Cantu before the ritual is completed else an angry spirit will emerge and turn everyone into zombies.

Speak with Eileen - Weird West - Crime and Punishment Guide

Eileen will converse with you about the Cursed Statuette and present you with three choices. How you pick will decide what happens going forth.

  • Destroy the Cursed Statuette.
  • Free the Cursed Statuette.
  • Think about it some more.

Picking the first option will end the quest. Choosing the two below will have Eileen send you to gather seven Dreamer’s Vervain which can be looted from where Wraiths linger. Check below for details on where to find Dreamer’s Vervain for this quest.

After you’ve gathered enough Dreamer’s Vervain go to the Ritual Site near Grackle and speak to Eileen Cantu. She will give you one last choice to either free the spirit of the Cursed Statuette or destroy it. Check further below for the results of each choice, spoilers ahoy!

Where to Find Dreamer's Vervain - Weird West - Crime and Punishment Guide

Where to Find Dreamer’s Vervain?

Dreamer’s Vervain can be found in random encounters with Wraiths. These enemy types will often leave a blue glowing flower-like substance you can pick up from the ground. You can also loot them from defeated Wraiths. Keep traveling around until you encounter them to collect enough of Dreamer’s Vervain for the Crime and Punishment quest.

Free Spirit of Cursed Statuette or Destroy It?

Here are the results of freeing the spirit inside the Cursed Statuette or destroying it:

  • Free Spirit: the Cursed Statuette will become a malicious Bloodstained Soul who will become Friends For Life with you. It will be grateful for you freeing it and will have your back but will go on to torture innocents.
  • Destroy It: ends the quest with the evil spirit cursing you. Nothing really happens. You can loot its body for Dreamer’s Vervain and Ectoplasm.

You can shoot the Bloodstained Soul after you free it but it’s incredibly durable and will not become hostile. It will most likely leave the area before you can finish it off.

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