Destiny 2: How to Solve All Cryptic Quatrains I Riddles

Solving the Cryptic Quatrains I Riddles guide in Destiny 2 is here

Destiny 2 Solving the Cryptic Quadrian I Riddle

Solving riddles and mysteries is one of those things that you find very hard to understand. Still, in the end, it becomes a worthwhile experience for many including those who have played Destiny 2’s newest season, Season of Plunder. In a particular part of the game, there is a quest called Cryptic Quatrains that will test the boundaries of players’ exploration, and we have created a guide to show you how to solve the riddles in the Destiny 2 Cryptic Quatrains I Quest.

Destiny 2 Solving the Cryptic Quadrian I Riddle

What Are Cryptic Quatrains?

Cryptic Quatrains are treasure hunt challenges that make players go from place to place to solve riddles that will unlock a chance at something big. Completing them will earn you some map fragments, and seasonal armor, but more mysteriously, a Crude Cipher Fragment.

How to Solve All Cryptic Quatrains I Riddles in Destiny 2

To solve this quest, players must reach rank 7 with the star map in the H.E.L.M. To reach that rank, players must complete bounties at the Ketchcrash or Expedition activities. Once the quest for Cryptic Quatrains I is opened in the star map, receive the Small Treasure Beacon and solve these 4 riddles step by step:

1st Cryptic Quatrains I riddle

Open your map and head straight to the Moon and land in the Sorrows Harbor by the K1 Revelation Lost Sector. The 1st riddle will be solved and the 2nd riddle will require players to complete the Lost Sector. Clear it and loot the chest to get the next riddle.

2nd Cryptic Quatrains I riddle

Next up, open the Directory map and start the Fallen SABER strike in the Cosmodrome. Complete the Strike to solve the 3rd riddle and the last riddle of Cryptic Quatrain I Quest will appear.

3rd Cryptic Quatrains I riddle

The last riddle will be tricky and confusing at the same time. To solve this, head straight to Europa’s Eventide Ruins. Upon arrival, look for two cranes in front of you and move under the crane’s position. From there, you should a lump on the ground with a green eye marker. Dig up the treasure there and the whole quest is completed and you’ll get another Crude Cipher Fragment, some Map Fragments, and a few seasonal weapons.

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