Destiny 2: How to Solve All Cryptic Quatrains II Riddles

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Solving cryptic quatrains 2 riddles in destiny 2

It’s that time of the year for many to loot treasure and go on a wild exploration. As looting goes, there are challenges and riddles that players will face in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder, and one of the challenges that players will face is the Cryptic Quatrains. In this guide, we will show you how to solve the riddles in the Destiny 2 Cryptic Quatrains II Quest.

Cryptic Quatrains

What Are Cryptic Quatrains?

Cryptic Quatrains are treasure hunt challenges that make players go from place to place to solve riddles that will unlock a chance at something big. Completing them will earn you some map fragments, and seasonal armor, but more mysteriously, a Crude Cipher Fragment.

How to Solve All Cryptic Quatrains II Riddles in Destiny 2

To solve the Riddles, players must reach rank 10 with the star map in the H.E.L.M. To reach that rank, players must complete bounties at the Ketchcrash or Expedition activities. Afterward, to reach the Cryptic Quatrains II quest, completing the 1st one is a must. Once the quest for Cryptic Quatrains II is opened in the star map, receive the Medium Treasure Beacon and solve these 5 riddles step by step:

1st Cryptic Quatrains II riddle

Head to Dreaming City. From there, head into the Divalian Mists. Turn around and enter the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector. Complete it and loot the chest to get the next riddle.

2nd Cryptic Quatrains II riddle

For the 2nd riddle, Open the Directory Map & head straight to the EDZ to select the Lake of Shadows Strike. Complete this mission and not only will it solve the 2nd riddle but the 3rd riddle will be unlocked.

3rd Cryptic Quatrains II riddle

The 3rd riddle is a bit unclear and very confusing to read. To solve this riddle, players must equip first in their inventory with a sword in their heavy slot. Then, do an expedition via a playlist in the HELM. When the mission ends, the 4th riddle will unveil itself.

4th Cryptic Quatrains II riddle

Going to Nessus is the key to the 4th riddle. From there, land in the southern quadrant of the map known as The Cistern, near the Pools of Luminance. Head straight to the giant Well of Flame column. Look for a big door and you’ll find inside a green X marking a place to dig for treasure. Loot it and the final riddle will be present.

5th Cryptic Quatrains II riddle

The final riddle for the Cryptic Quatrains II quest is blurry. It doesn’t give definite coordinates to go to. To solve this, stay in the Nessus, exit the Well of Flame and head straight towards the northwestern part of The Cistern’s map. Stop immediately before the Radiation Fluid. From there, near the shore overlooking the giant Radiolarian Fluid waterfall, find the green X that signals buried treasure. Interact with it and you’ll get another Crude Cipher Fragment, some Map Fragments, and a few seasonal weapons.

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