Disney Dreamlight Valley Photo Fervor Quest Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Photo Fervor Quest Walkthrough

Explore Disney Dreamlight Valley and take pictures of landmarks and Pillars for Goofy’s scrapbook on his Photo Fervor Quest! Since this doesn’t involve any sort of cooking or crafting, you should be able to do it in a breeze, you just have to familiarize your way around the valley.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to unlock Remy, Scrooge McDuck, and reach Friendship Level 8 with Goofy before you can get this quest. You will also need to unlock the pathway to Sunlit Plateau, Forest of Valor, and Glade of Trust which will cost you a total of 15,000 Dreamlights.

As such, here’s a rundown on how to easily complete the “Photo Fervor” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so read on.

Photo Fervor Quest Walkthrough

When you talk to Goofy, he’ll remind you that you need to add more pictures to the scrapbook you started (previous friendship quest). Now that you’ve agreed, you’ll need to snap pictures of the following landmarks:

  • The Swamp’s Giant Willow Tree
  • The Plateau’s Elephant Graveyard
  • Scrooge’s Store
  • Remy’s Restaurant
  • Dream Castle

The Swamp’s Giant Willow Tree

You’ll find The Swamp’s Giant Willow Tree in the middle area of Glade of Trust. Simply stand on the bridge to snap a photo, it’s not necessary to capture the photo of the whole tree.

The Plateau’s Elephant Graveyard

The Plateau’s Elephant Graveyard may be found in the upper right corner of Sunlit Plateau. You will come across a massive elephant skeleton that serves as a home for a future Disney Dreamlight character.

Scrooge’s Store

If you haven’t already moved it, Scrooge McDuck’s Store can be found in the Plaza. This features a shopping bag icon once you open up your map.

Remy’s Restaurant

Remy’s Restaurant or Chez Remy is distinguishable by a fork and knife icon once you open up your map.

Dream Castle

Simply stand on the main entrance of the Dream Castle and Snap a photo, the objective won’t count if you’re too far away.

After you’ve finished with these landmarks, Goofy will then have you photograph the Pillars scattered throughout the valley, which are as follows:

Note that the screenshots below are based on the Pillar's default location and have not been edited/moved yet.

Pillar of Friendship (Peaceful Meadow)

Pillar of Power (Dazzle Beach)

Pillar of Courage (Forest of Valor)

Pillar of Trust (Glade of Trust)

After you’ve finished taking pictures of the pillars, go back and talk to Goofy; he’ll want to snap a picture of the two of you.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Photo Fervor Quest Walkthrough 19

Depending on what dialogue you picked, you can either equip the hat from your Inventory and take a photo with Goofy or skip to just taking a picture with him directly. You should be able to complete the quest after this.

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