Elden Ring – How to Beat Tree Sentinel Boss Fight

A guide on how to defeat the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring.

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The Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring is one of the roaming mini-bosses that players can fight in the game. It roams near the place where the place where players start their journey, and for the foolish and unexperienced, the Tree Sentinel can be quite a challenge to defeat.

In this guide, we will look into the Tree Sentinel’s attacks and share some tips on how to easily defeat it.

Tree Sentinel Locations in Elden Ring

The Tree Sentinel can be found in Limgrave where it patrols between the Church of Elleh and Gatefront Ruins. There are also two more Tree Sentinels that can be found guarding the gate of Capitol City in Lyndell.

Tree Sentinel Locations in Elden Ring
Tree Sentinel Locations in Elden Ring

Tree Sentinel Rewards

Defeating Limgrave’s Tree Sentinel will reward you with the following:

  • Golden Halberd
  • 3,200 Runes

Defeating Lyndell’s Tree Sentinels will reward you with the following:

  • Erdtree Greatshield
  • Hero’s Rune [1]
  • 20,000 Runes

Tree Sentinel Attacks and Strategies in Elden Ring

Though it’s not necessary, it is recommended to get your mount Torrent since it offers not only mobility during the fight, but any damage coming your way will go towards Torrent until it dies.

Halberd Swings

The Tree Sentinel will swing its halberd on the left or on the right side of its mount, depending on the location of the player relative to it. It can do underhand swings and overhead swings.

You can time the dodge through the swing, but keep your eye on a second swing that it might do.

Halberd Swings: Tree Sentinel Attacks and Strategies in Elden Ring

Halberd Jab / Raised Shield Bash

The Tree Sentinel’s mount will rear up, then land back down, allowing the sentinel to do a forceful jab if the player is on its right, or a shield bash if the player is on its left.

Try to dodge away from the sentinel’s close range to avoid getting hit.

Pounce Attack

The Tree Sentinel and its mount will pounce forward and swing its halberd downward.

This attack can be hard to read because of its speed, but the sentinel usually just does this when there’s some distance between you and it.

Ground Stomp

The Tree Sentinel and its mount will jump upwards, causing a small AoE tremor that deals damage.

As soon as you see the mount jump in place, dodge away from the sentinel.

Shield Bash / Hip Check

The Tree Sentinel will raise its shield up and then use it to bash the player. Depending on which side the player is relative to the sentinel, it will either do this attack (player on its left), or a hip check (player on its right) which is a weaker attack.

Prepare to dodge away when the shield is raised to avoid getting hit. The hip check on the other hand has no apparent tells, but its damage is not as significant, especially if you are riding on Torrent.

Shield Bash / Hip Check: Tree Sentinel Attacks and Strategies in Elden Ring

Shield Ground Bash

Similar to the Raised Shield Bash, the sentinel will use its shield to hit the player, but it instead will bash the shield towards the ground, releasing a shockwave around it that deals damage.

Every time the horse rears up, it’s best to dodge away, or dodge towards the horse’s butt where it’s relatively safe.

How to beat Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Boss Fight

Here are additional tips on how you can beat the Tree Sentinel (Limgrave) in Elden Ring:

  • It’s best to two-hand wield a weapon like a longsword to mitigate the stat debuff. If you are playing as a melee attacker and are going to tackle the Tree Sentinel as an underleveled, undergeared Tarnished, you won’t be able to deal significant amounts of damage because you haven’t met your weapon’s requirement yet.
  • As a ranged or magic user, make sure to stock up on arrows and keep your distance away from the sentinel. You can actually do a cheese strat by luring the sentinel to go near the raised structure near its spot and go on top of the structure with Torrent. Make sure to stand close to the side where the elevation is high enough that it cannot climb up. Also, still be aware as some of his attacks can still clip through the structure or he might be able to climb up if you stray near the edge where the elevation difference is shorter.
  • Always sprint with Torrent and attack as if you are jousting: charge towards the sentinel and release your attack a bit earlier to hit it. Then, do not stop and just ride through.
How to beat Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Boss Fight

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