Fire Emblem Engage Length – How Long to Beat

Know Some Important Details About FE Engage

Fire Emblem Engage - Feature - How Long to Beat it

Fire Emblem Engage is the newest FE game of Nintendo for the year 2023, and players are curiously and patiently waiting for answers on what the game has to offer and how long it will take to complete. Luckily, in this guide, we will answer most of the questions being asked and more, so read on.

How Long Is Fire Emblem Engage?

According to the developers of the game, it will take at most 70 hours to complete it fully on a single walkthrough. This includes the game’s story missions, side quests, cutscenes, and more. If players just skip the cinematics and side quests and focus on the main story, it will take them at least 40 to 50 hours. For those who want to complete the game fully alongside the NG plus, players can spend a total of 100 hours.

How Long Is Fire Emblem Engage?

How many chapters does Fire Emblem Engage have?

Based on the gameplay and numerous walkthroughs, there are a total of 26 chapters in the game. Players can expect that this game has a ton of features including a multiplayer mode where players can party up with friends in combat challenges. Also, there are multiple difficulty modes that can test out the mettle and mind of p[layers to see how well-gifted they are in the art of strategy and war

How Many Endings Does This Game Have?

How many Endings are in Fire Emblem Engage?

The game has only one ending and there are opportunities for players to choose what type of relationships their companions would have with one another. Also, players can unlock hidden scenes and possible romances that led to paralogue battles that offer optional side stories and hidden characters to find.

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