Sifu – How to Get the Metal Talisman

A guide on how to obtain the Metal Talisman.

metal talisman

The Metal Talisman is one of the hidden talismans that you can get by challenging one of the bosses in Sifu, but choosing to go for the merciful option rather than going in for the kill.

This is a post-game achievement that you can unlock once you defeat the final boss and challenge Jinfeng once more and choosing to spare her life than end it. Learn what are the requirements and how to unlock the Metal Talisman in this guide.

challenge Jinfeng once more - Sifu

How to Unlock the Metal Talisman

Jinfeng embodies the element of Metal; sparing her life will unlock the Metal Talisman.

Upon defeating Yang for the first time and going through the end scene, you will get a message from your father saying that showing the enemy that you can break them is enough to make them not fight you anymore. What this means is that you can go for the option of sparing the life of your opponent and just walking away from the fight.

Beat Jinfeng's First Phase

Beat Jinfeng’s First Phase

Defeat Jinfeng as you did in your previous runs.

Fill Jinfeng’s Structure Limit, but let her Recover

Fill up Jinfeng’s structure by parrying her attacks and then closing the gap to attack her once she is open. Once her structure breaks, let her recover instead of going for the takedown.

Parrying should be prioritized more than attacking since you don’t want to kill Jinfei right away.

Tips on How to Fight Jinfeng for the Metal Talisman

Fill Jinfeng’s Structure once more and Choose to Spare her Life

Work on filling up Jinfeng’s structure again until its breaking point. You can go on the offensive so long as her structure is closer to breaking than her losing her entire HP. Once her defenses break for the second time, you will have the option to spare her life aside of doing the take down. Just press on the prompt to not strangle Jinfeng. By showing mercy and choosing the latter will reward you with the Metal Talisman.

Tips on How to Fight Jinfeng for the Metal Talisman

  • Practice your parries and dodges
    • Due to the wide sweeping range that Jinfeng’s attacks have, you will have to learn how to parry them all. She swings her chain in short combos that can be dodged and parried with enough structure.
  • Get the Parry Impact Bonus
    • Since you’ll be parrying in this fight most of the time, might as well strengthen the impact of your parries on Jinfeng’s hits. This bonus should help you reach her structure break faster.
  • Manage your structure
    • Even though the arena is spacious, Jinfeng’s chain can easily hit you wherever you are, so recovering your own structure can get tricky.
    • Dodging will help you recover your structure when done right.
    • Get the Structure Regain bonus that increases the structure that you recover from perfect dodges.
  • Time your attacks
    • Every end of a combo, Jinfeng takes a pause long enough for you to run at her and land some hits.
  • Discipline your takedown reaction
    • You will have to avoid triggering a takedown at any point of the fight or else you will miss the option to spare Jinfeng’s life.

What does the Metal Talisman do?

The purpose of the Metal Talisman is just to be an in-game trophy. It does not give any bonuses nor unlock any new skills for your protag.

Unlocked Trophy

Iron Money Trophy - Obtain the Metal Talisman
Iron Money
Obtain the Metal Talisman

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