Sifu – How to Get the Water Talisman

A guide on how to obtain the Water Talisman.

water talisman

The Water Talisman is one of the hidden talismans that you can unlock in  Sifu. It requires you to challenge one of the bosses again, but you will have to pick the merciful option instead.

This option only gets unlocked once you finally defeat Yang, the leader of the group that killed your father. You will have to go through your entire crusade of vengeance once more, but this time choosing to spare the lives of your opponents. Learn how to do the right conditions to unlock the Water Talisman in this guide.

Kuroki embodies the element of Water - How to Get the Water Talisman | Sifu

How to Unlock the Water Talisman

Kuroki embodies the element of Water, so by sparing her life, you will be able to unlock the Water Talisman.

Upon defeating the final boss, Yang, you will see the final cutscene and a message from your father saying that showing the enemy that you can break them is enough to make them not fight you anymore. By showing your opponents your skill and keeping them subdued but alive, you will get another option to spare their life instead of taking them.

Beat Kuroki's First Phase

Beat Kuroki’s First Phase

Defeat Kuroki as how you defeated her in your previous runs. We have a guide on how to prepare and defeat Kuroki.

Fill Kuroki’s Structure Limit, but let her Recover

On the second phase, your goal is to break Kuroki’s structure by filing it up through parrying and blocking her attacks. Once it breaks, she will be open for attacks, but don’t engage and let her recover. Attacking her while she’s on the defensive also whittles down her structure. Make sure that you don’t execute a takedown that will kill her.

Tips on How to Fight Kuroki for the Water Talisman

Fill Kuroki’s Structure once more and Choose to Spare her Life

Aim to fill up Kuroki’s structure gauge again and once it breaks, you will get another option to spare her life instead of executing the takedown. Choosing the merciful option will end the fight and you will be rewarded with the Water Talisman.

Tips on How to Fight Kuroki for the Water Talisman

  • Practice your parries
    • Because of how fast and tight Kuroki’s attacks are, you may go for the regular parry. If you feel like you’re skilled enough, go for the perfect parries.
  • Get the Parry Impact bonus
    • Parry Impact will increase the impact your parries do to the opponent’s structure. The faster your parries can break Kuroki’s structure, the shorter your fight will have to go for.
  • Manage your structure
    • Keep an eye on your structure and make sure it doesn’t break. Kuroki has ranged attacks and can close the gap very quickly, so recovering structure can get tricky.
    • Getting the Structure Reserve and Structure Regain bonuses can ease up pressure of constantly checking your structure.
  • Time your attacks
    • Though not the main focus in the fight, if Kuroki’s structure is about to reach its limit before her life runs out, go on the offensive and try to break her defense.
  • Discipline your takedown reaction
    • Always remind yourself that you’re going for the merciful option and to never hit that takedown input, or else you will lose your shot at the talisman and you will have to start the fight all over again.

What does the Water Talisman do?

The purpose of the Water Talisman is just to be an in-game trophy. It does not give any bonuses nor unlock any new skills for your protag.

Unlocked Trophy

Source of Flying Daggers Trophy - Obtain the Water Talisman in Sifu
Source of Flying Daggers
Obtain the Water Talisman

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