Sifu – How to Get the Fire Talisman

A guide on how to obtain the Fire Talisman.

fire talisman

The Fire Talisman is one of the hidden trophies that you can get from doing a challenge against one of the bosses in Sifu. This is a post-game trophy that gives another reason to face the bosses, but with a different intent in mind.

Your protagonist’s main drive in Sifu is getting revenge on the killers of his or her father. When you do finally get to exact your revenge on the final boss, you get the ending that you were seeking all your life for, but you also get a message that compels you to seek for another alternative.

Learn how to obtain this Fire Talisman in this guide.

Sean embodies the Fire element, so sparing his life will reward you with the Fire Talisman - Sifu

How to Unlock the Fire Talisman

Sean embodies the Fire element, so sparing his life will unlock the Fire Talisman.

Once you have beaten the final boss Yang for the first time, you get the game’s ending and a message from your father saying that showing the enemy that you can break them is enough to make them not fight you anymore. Fighting the bosses once more moving forward while following the right conditions will allow you to pick another option of sparing their life.

Beat Sean's First Phase - Sifu How to Get the Fire Talisman

Beat Sean’s First Phase

Defeat Sean similar to how you have defeated him in previous runs. We also have a guide on how to prepare and beat Sean.

Fill Sean’s Structure Limit, but let him Recover

On the second phase of the fight, your utmost objective is to beat Sean down just enough to break his defenses without actually killing him. This can be done by filling up his structure gauge by blocking his attacks. Once his structure bar is full, he will be open for attack for a few seconds, but don’t engage to let him recover.

Another way of filling up his attacks is by only attacking while he is in a defensive stance and starts blocking most of your attacks. Just make sure that once his structure is broken, disengage right away and do not trigger the takedown.

Tips on How to Fight Sean for the Fire Talisman

Fill Sean’s Structure once more and Choose to Spare his Life

Sean will once again engage you in a fight after recovering. Do the same defensive stance with your blocks and parries until his structure breaks once more. At this point, you will see another option to spare his life. If you do so, you will walk away from the fight and you will be rewarded with the Fire Talisman.

Tips on How to Fight Sean for the Fire Talisman

  • Practice your blocks and parries
    • Learn and study Sean’s combos so that you can parry at the right time.
  • Get the Parry Impact bonus
    • Parry Impact makes your opponent’s structure fill up faster as you parry.
    • This requires a high score, so make sure to chain your combos well to rack up the points. Going through the shortcut in The Club may still work, however it is recommended to take the longer route to ensure that you’ll have enough enemies to get the points from.
  • Manage your structure
    • Keep an eye on your structure to make sure that you have enough to endure Sean’s attacks. If you need to recover, move away from Sean and stand still for a moment.
  • Time your attacks
    • You would want to attack mostly when he’s on the defensive as the damage that you’ll do will go towards the structure instead.
  • Discipline your takedown reaction
    • Don’t go overboard with your attacks and prevent yourself from triggering the takedown once the prompt pops up.

What does the Fire Talisman do?

The purpose of the Fire Talisman is just to be an in-game trophy. It does not give any bonuses nor unlock any new skills for your protag.

Unlocked Trophy

Tiger on Fire Trophy - Obtain the Fire Talisman in Sifu
Tiger on Fire
Obtain the Fire Talisman

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