Sifu Trophy Guide and How to Get Platinum

Sifu Trophy List From Leaks Revealed

Sifu Trophy Guide

To be the best martial artist you have to prove it by acquiring all of the trophies in Sifu. There are 48 trophies in total in the game. Are you ready for the challenge of getting them all?

There are several different kinds of trophies to be found here, including those related to the story, such as obtaining all of the game’s Talismans, a gold trophy for completing the game before the age of 25 (which means not dying, because you age when you die), completing all of the detective boards (side content), and several combat-related tophies.

In this Sifu trophy guide we will show you how to get platinum by acquiring every trophy in the game. Here are all the Sifu trophies you can earn.

Sifu Trophy Guide and How to Get Platinum

There are 43 total trophies in Sifu. You have 26 Bronze, 13 Silver, 3 Gold, and the Platinum trophy respectively. There are 11 hidden trophies within that you can unlock just by playing the game.

There is no mention of trophies based on the difficulty of the game. Even though you’ll get a gold trophy for beating the game when you’re 25, you may easily copy your previous save back if you die or grow older. Do note: when you die in Sifu, your character returns to life as a little older version of itself.

Sifu All Trophies

Here are all the trophies for Sifu arranged from Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Hidden for convenience.


Fist of the Immortal

All trophies unlocked! Thank you for playing SIFU!


Prodigal Child

Beat the game while being 25 years old or less.


Kill Nil

Beat any boss without dying.

Detective Story

Complete the Squats' detective board.

Drunken Fighter

Complete the Club’s detective board.

Martial Artist

Complete the Museum’s detective board.

Knowledge Greed

Complete the Tower’s detective board.

Healing Memory

Complete the Sanctuary’s detective board.

The 36th Chamber of Kung Fu

Bare handed or with a weapon, standing up, against a wall, a ledge, or on the ground. Perform each takedown type at least once.

Master of the Phoenix Eye Fist

Use each Focus Attack at least once. (Ignored in introduction level.)

Ferocity speed, strength, accuracy

Reach a level score of 5000.


Stunt Master

Climbing and going across the environment allows you to control the flow of the fight.

Dance of the Praying Mantis

Throwing enemies around makes handling big groups easier. (Ignored in training mode.)

Street Fighting

Anything can be a weapon, so keep using your environment to your advantage. All is fair in such fights! (Ignored in training mode.)

Life is your teacher

Unlock your first skill.

State of constant learning

Permanently unlock a skill for the first time.

Qi Gong: Mind

Receive the highest XP-based shrine reward for the first time.

Qi Gong: Breath

Receive the highest score-based shrine reward for the first time

Qi Gong: Essence

Receive the highest age-based shrine reward for the first time.

I Knoww Kung-Fu

Reach a level score of 3000.

Old Child

Reach your oldest appearance. Will you still have enough strength left to reach your goal?

Sword Stained With Blood

Successfully use a blade weapon’s one-shot attack on an enemy. (Ignored in training mode.)

Lightning Hands

Perform 3 takedowns within 12 seconds. (Ignored in introduction level.)

Kung-Fu Tussle

Hit 3 enemies in a single strike. (Ignored in introduction level.)

Rumble in the Hangar

In the Squats, clear the hangar in less than 1 minute 20 seconds after being detected by the main group.

The Pit Protector

In the Club’s pit, beat the Juggernaut before any other enemy is beaten.

Be like water my friend

In the Museum, throw an enemy into the fountain from a higher floor.

Take damage to save time

In the Tower’s caves, drop from a high point to get deeper faster.

Warrios from the Mountain

In the Sanctuary, throw an enemy into the mountains.

Come Snap With Me

Give the Photo Mode a shot!

Sifu Furious Fists

Sifu Hidden Trophies

Below are the hidden trophies of Sifu.

Hidden Gold

Furious Fists

Exact your vengeance (kill Yang at the end of the Sanctuary).

Legendary Talisman of Wuxing

Obtain the Earth talisman and attain Wude.

Hidden Silver

Hidden Bronze

The Old Grandmaster

Clear the prologue.

The Hateful Pole Fighter

Kill Sean at the end of the Club.

A Lady's Blood in the Snow

Kill Kuroki at the end of the Museum.

Lady Wing Chun

Kill Jinfeng at the end of the Tower.

Path of the Prospect

Unlock the mighty Calbot move.

And those are all the trophies you can acquire for Sifu including the ones that are hidden. This beat ’em up action-adventure from SloClap will certainly push you to perfect the art of Kung-Fu.

If you’re planning for platinum you should know that Sifu doesn’t have a difficulty option. This means that mastering the mechanics is key to earning those trophies. Sorry, no cheesing through by playing on easy mode.

Check out the gameplay of Sifu below.

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