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A guide on how to beat the first boss of Sifu, Fajar.

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Fajar is one of the bosses that you’ll fight against in Sifu. He was one of the goons who killed the protagonist’s father years ago, which reserves him a spot on your hitlist. He’s one agile fighter that can put up quite a challenge in your early runs. In this guide, we’re going to look into Fajar’s attack patterns and all other details that will help you gain an upper hand in your fight.

Who is Fajar?

Fajar is known as “The Botanist” among the group that raided your dojo and killed your father. He’s running a narcotics farm where they grow “purple flower” and process it into “purple mist”, a kind of narcotic that has been plaguing the city. As you progress through the story, you’ll learn that he’s connected to larger syndicate that connects him and the other perpetrators.

He is mute and appears to have special powers that can speed up the growth of plants, hence the moniker. He also bears the wood element within the group.

How to Prepare for Fajar – Boss Fight

Bring a weapon to the fight

You would want to have a weapon in your hand before fighting Fajar. The two best weapons that you can plausibly bring to the fight are the bamboo sticks or the steel pipes. There are a few steel pipes in the warehouse two areas before Fajar’s room.

Get bonuses from the Jade Dragons

Following the regular route, you’ll get to use 3 Jade Dragons. The recommended bonuses that you would want to get are Focus Reserve (costs 250XP), Focus Regain (2,000 score), and Structure Reserve (60 years old and below). If you’re confident about your structure management, you can switch the last bonus to a Weapon Durability or a Weapon Proficiency.

How to Prepare for Fajar - Boss Fight
  • Charged Backfist
    • Good for creating openings when you’re within arms range.
  • Strong Sweep Focus
    • Recommended to be perma unlocked as soon as possible. It will knock down any enemy regardless of their structure to create an opening.
    • When Fajar is doing his regular combo attacks and you have enough structure to endure them, try to deliberately get in and block his attacks to charge up your Focus.
  • Ground Counter
    • You’ll find yourelf getting knocked down a couple of times, so might as well use it as a chance to counter.
  • Duck Strike
    • Used to enter quickly within Fajar’s range.
  • Hook Intercept
    • Used to counter when you’re cornered.
  • Crotch Punch
    • Another move that is good to counter Fajar since he’s kicking high most of the time.
  • Raining Strikes
    • For when you find an opening and need to follow up with some more hits.
  • Slide Kick
    • Doesn’t always work, but can create a very good opening when timed properly. Fajar can trip if his structure is broken.

Fajar’s Moves – Boss Fight in Sifu

Fajar's Moves - Boss Fight in Sifu

First Round

  • Fajar does a flurry of kicks
    • He will do a combo of kicks that can be blocked with enough structure. Be careful with the finishing downwards kick which can often break your structure. Evade backwards to get out of this combo.
    • You would want to get into this combo sometimes to charge up your focus, provided you block all of his kicks.
    • He may also end the combo with a low leg swipe that can trip you.
  • Fajar does jump kicks from plant racks
    • He will do this when you are a bit distant to him and there’s a plant rack long the path in between the two of you. He’ll run towards you, jump on one of the racks, and will do a downwards leg drop on you. This attack can be blocked but will take away a lot of structure.
  • Fajar does jump kicks over the plant racks
    • He will do this if there is a plant rack between the two of you. It’s a structure breaks, so if it connects, most if not all of your structure will break. Try to avoid being in such a position.
Second Round - Fajar will jump from the bushes down on you with his knife

Second Round

  • Fajar will jump from the bushes down on you with his knife
    • You will hear rustling and the camera pans to the area where Fajar will jump out of. You’ll have enough time to avoid the ambush by moving far away, but it’s best to parry the attack as Fajar takes time to recover from it.
    • He will do this attack again as the fight continues, leaving the arena by jumping from a bamboo before hiding. You can also take the time to find any lying bamboo sticks in the area to use as a weapon.
  • Fajar will do a flurry of slashes
    • Slashes do a lot of damage so make sure to block or evade when necessary.
    • He will do a combo where he will charge for his swings before charging at you with three slashes.
    • Can be a good source of Focus as long as you have enough structure to block all the slashes.
Tips for Fighting Fajar

Tips for Fighting Fajar

Get within Fajar’s arms range

Fajar’s advantage is he can use his environment to get to you if you’re far away. Best to keep your distance close if your structure break gauge is low, and only pull back to recover your structure.

You would want to get in within range to parry or block his attacks to fill up your Focus gauge, especially if you are fighting with bare hands. Then, find the opportunity to use your Focus attacks such as Strong Sweep Focus to get an opening.

Break the bamboo fences to get sticks

In the second round, there are fences in the arena which give you sticks when broken. Use this as a weapon against Fajar or a throwable item to cancel his attacks.

Can Fajar be beaten at age 20?

Yes, it is possible to beat Fajar at age 20. It may take a couple of runs to farm for XP and unlock the necessary skills to make the fight easier, but it definitely is doable. Beating Fajar this young will let you start the next level, which is The Club, at age 20. This will give you a longer lifespan to progress through the next levels.

How to beat Fajar using The Squats Shortcut

There is a shortcut which allows you to skip most of the fights that happen within the apartment buildings, lowering the number of encounters and the possibility of dying on the Fajar Boss Fight. However, taking this route will lower the number of Jade Dragons that you can use along the way, and since there are fewer enemies along this route, it’s only meant to get to Fajar sooner and not for farming XP.

Defeat the Skull Brothers to get a Bunch of Keys that will open two doors in the area - beat Fajar using The Squats Shortcut

First, you will have to defeat the Skull Brothers to get a Bunch of Keys that will open two doors in the area.

Enter the first door to the apartments, take the left door that will lead you to the lobby - How to beat Fajar using The Squats Shortcut

On the next run, upon entering the first door to the apartments, take the left door that will lead you to the lobby. Use the keys on the main door to get access to the shortcut. You will encounter a few enemies plus a Jade Dragon before entering the main warehouse.

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