Kuro No Kiseki II Crimson Sin Opening Song Trailer Revealed

Kuro No Kiseki II: Crimson Sin Opening Song Trailer has been Revealed

Kuro No Kiseki II Crimson Sin Opening

Just a few weeks left til the release of the latest Kiseki game of Nihon Falcom, Kuro No Kiseki II: Crimson Sin. Recently, Nihon Falcom released the official opening video of the game and fans are craving for the release of the game.

Kuro No Kiseki II Summary

“One year has passed since the events that occurred in Kuro no Kiseki. Peace has been restored to the land of Calvard after the threat of the mafia organization, Almata. One day, a murder was found in the capital city of Edith and the victim belongs to the CID (Central Intelligence Division). The Calvard Police Force and the Bracer Guild are sent on a mission to corner and apprehend the suspect behind the incident and prevent the underground world of Calvard from wreck chaos and beginning rioting once more.

Meanwhile, Van Arkride goes on a long journey of self-discovery to find out more about his past and find out what truly lies beyond a case given to him by a mysterious client.

Who is this new enemy that threatens the peace of Calvard? Who was the murderer? What is his purpose? And what is the legacy left behind for Van by his great grandfather known as the Eight Genesis?

The Legend of Heroes Kuro No Kiseki II Crimson Sin will be released on September 29, 2022, for the PS4 and the PS5. The game can be pre-ordered both digitally and physically with tons of freebies and more.

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