Legend of Heroes Valimar The Ashen Knight Model Kit Trailer Revealed

Valimar from Trails of Cold Steel becomes a Moderoid Kit

Legend of Heroes Valimar Model Kit Trailer Featured Image

Legend of Heroes Trails of the Cold Steel is one of the popular series of Falcom in the Kiseki franchise. With so many memorable moments and characters in the game, the popularity of the game reached new heights that FALCOM has done well for many Kiseki fans. More so, FALCOM has recently collab with GOOD SMILE to make one of the popular mecha units in Trails of Cold Steel, Valimar The Ashen Knight into a model kit.

Recently, GOOD SMILE announced that they will be working together with FALCOM to make the popular Divine Knights of Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel into model kits and to start off with The Ashen Knight Valimar. The kit will have a set of accessories and parts that can be used to pose Valimar into different movements and fans of the series will enjoy it. More details about the kit and pre-ordering of it will be available on their main website.

Product Details:

MODEROID Valimar The Ashen Knight


From the popular JRPG game Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel comes a plastic model of the Divine Knight Valimar, one of the seven knights, called Ashen Knight! The total height is about 165 mm (top height), and the joints of each part are movable. A replacement wrist and a special weapon, a sword made of Zemurian Ore, are included, allowing you to reproduce various actions in the game. Just by assembling with sharp modeling, fine sculptures on the armor of each part, multiple molding colors, and partially colored parts, it will be finished in a figure close to the image in the play.

Price: 6500 yen
Release Date: Januray 2023

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