MultiVersus Tier List – Best Characters Ranked (August 2022)

Best characters In MultiVersus ranked from best to worst.

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Players are looking for the MultiVersus Tier List. This crossover pits fighters from different universes against each other. Never in our lives have we imagined The Man of Steel fighting against Ultra Instinct Shaggy. We wanted to know who the best of the best was, so we made this MultiVersus Tier List and got a pick of who the best fighters of the game are.

MultiVersus Tier List




Batman, Shaggy, LeBron James


Harley Quinn, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry


Jake The Dog, Superman, Finn The Human, Wonder Woman, Taz


Steven Universe, Garnet, Arya Stark, Velma


Reindog, The Iron Giant

Since the release of the MultiVersus open beta, players have gotten the chance to test out some of the fighters for the game. With people no doubt picking a favorite based on familiarity, design, and combat style. So our MultiVersus tier list is based on the open beta performance and the promotional material that was shown. It is subject to change once the full game releases.

It should be noted that some characters like The Iron Giant are not available to play on the open beta. We have yet to judge his proper placement. This list is also your mileage may vary and completely our opinion.

Shaggy MultiVersus Tier List

Shaggy (S-Tier Character)

Ultra Instinct Shaggy is a larger-than-life meme that was welcomed as a fighter into the MultiVersus. This sandwich loving coward now has Super Saiyan like powers that truly make him a force to be reckoned with in a fight. His unique Rage ability allows him to power up attacks and send enemies flying. He can easily get back into the ring with his midair kick ability and uppercut foes who are above him.

Shaggy is a challenging fighter to master, but those who would put the time will find it well worth it. Players do need to keep a distance when he’s charging and Shaggy does relies a bit on his Rage which needs some time to build up. But once it’s full, Shaggy can quickly ringout even the toughest bruisers.

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Batman MultiVersus Tier List

Batman (S-Tier Character)

Batman is a hard fighter to corner due to his high mobility. The Bat-Grapple can be spammed by players to constantly get into a better position. The Dark Knight has a lot of moves under his utility belt that can be used to constantly disrupt foes and throw bombs at them. He can be a nightmare against a lot of the fighters that rely on close ranged melee attacks.

Projectiles can constantly be thrown by Batman to damage foes from far away. The Batarang is, by far, his best tool as it this projectile can be controlled while he is moving. It’s easy to set up combos by hitting enemies in the back sending them flying your way.

LeBron James MultiVersus Tier List

LeBron James (S-Tier Character)

LeBron James is one of the most formidable Bruisers around. Even his most fundamental attacks and combos can be devastating, allowing you to hurl enemies across the map or catch them in hitstun combos while your teammate lays into them.

Because of his special moves, such as his dunk and his ability to pass the ball for buffs, he can deliver devastating blows that benefit you and your team. Overall, he’s a fantastic choice for taking the initiative in battle and facilitating your team’s offensive efforts.

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Harley Quinn MultiVersus Tier List

Harley Quinn (A-Tier Character)

Harley Quinn can deal fast, hard hitting damage to enemies who she takes by surprise. Her devastating combos can build up damage while locking enemies to where they are which forces them to continuously take hits from her bat instead of escaping to a safer area.

Her Stuffie Bat can attach to enemies which Harley can detonate at any time giving her control and keeping them paranoid. She can also leave traps on the ground or throw projectiles which lets her control the field.

Bugs Bunny MultiVersus Tier List

Bugs Bunny (A-Tier Character)

Bugs Bunny is a trickster character who is a menace to fight against in MultiVersus. He has a variety of confusing specials that can debuff opponent and buffs allies. It can be a bit challenging to get the timing of his delayed attacks right, but they hit like a truck and have plenty of variety.

Bugs can be hard to corner especially with his Bunny Burrow allowing him to dig a hole where he and his allies can travel in. He can also use his side special to send a flying kiss to his enemies, rendering them unable to attack for a few seconds.

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Tom and Jerry MultiVersus Tier List

Tom and Jerry (A-Tier Characters)

The most unlikely of duos make for the best team. With Tom and Jerry, you are essentially controlling two characters for the price of one. They’re tricky to master especially when considering Tom can use Jerry as a projectile to place him in a better position. Jerry can then deal ranged attacks at opponents simultaneously while Tom is executing melee attacks. This can let the two hit enemies on both sides at the same time.

Players would have to get used to placing Jerry in a good position which is the challenge in mastering Tom and Jerry. But once they get used to the duo, this combination is great for setting up great strategies to defeat opponents.

Jake The Dog MultiVersus Tier List

Jake The Dog (B-Tier Character)

Jake The Dog is a shapeshifter who can lay the smackdown on enemies. His ability to change his form allows for a flexible moveset that can be used to lock down the arena. Jake The Dog has a high damage output and his attacks can be charged to break through armor.

Jake is beginner friendly and can be used without much difficulty. His ability to weaken enemies by eating them is a boon that only extends his strength.

Superman MultiVersus Tier List

Superman (B-Tier Character)

Superman has been canonically known to punch planet busting heavyweights with ease. His appearance in MultiVersus has to make him hold back quite a bit or else he’d wipe out the competition. His Kryptonian abilities pack Armored Attacks which deal extra damage and other special abilities that can punish enemies.

Where Superman really shines is his ability to maintain a lot of mobility in midair. His passive special allows him to evade a lot of attacks from above and narrowly escape Ringouts. A player who has mastered Superman will be difficult to challenge in the skies.

Finn The Human MultiVersus Tier List

Finn The Human (B-Tier Character)

Finn The Human is a well rounded character with decent offensive options. He doesn’t have the most notable playstyle but he can charge up his attacks that deal big damages in ground or midair. His Passive Special boosts his special attacks which only make them hit harder.

However Finn doesn’t have the best defensive options so you should be careful remaining too much into the offensive. He’s a suitable fighter for beginners in that he’s not particularly difficult to learn.

Wonder Woman MultiVersus Tier List

Wonder Woman (B-Tier Character)

Wonder Woman is a well rounded and balanced fighter who excels in defense. That shield isn’t just for show as she’s less likely to be knocked back due to being a tank. Although Diana does lack a bit in the offensive side which makes her an underwhelming pick.

Wonder Woman does have a variety of special abilities which gives her a lot of flexibility to fight. And Diana does have decent mobility which allows her to cover more ground against ranged fighters. Her Lasso of Truth neutral is notable to pull enemies up close which can be her greatest asset.

Taz MultiVersus Tier List

Taz (B-Tier Character)

During open beta, Taz was considered a menacing character to fight against. Unfortunately, WB Games has taken notice of how frequent he was used with the latest updates to MultiVersus nerfing quite a bit of his abilities. His Taz-nado is no longer as powerful as it once was putting him lower on the tier list.

Taz is still a great bruiser in the right hands but his nerfs has placed plenty of other fighters more suited for the job.

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Steven Universe MultiVersus Tier List

Steven Universe (C-Tier Character)

Steven Universe can specialize in providing ring control. His ability to conjure bubbles which allows him to trap enemies. Steven can also conjure shields and give out extra Armor to his allies making him an excellent Support. His ability to conjure can even create makeshift platforms that he can use for extra ground.

The problem with Steven Universe is that his damage output leaves much to be desired. While his support skills are great for any team, he isn’t really a capable fighter without a good damage dealer as a teammate.

Garnet MultiVersus Tier List

Garnet (C-Tier Character)

Garnet is a great bruiser with decent damage output. But she can be slow which holds her back a lot. Her sluggish movement can be easy to counter if you’re dealing with assassin archetypes who can easily move around. Strength isn’t everything in MultiVersus and while Garnet isn’t that slow she could use a speed buff from WB Games to make her more of an enticing pick.

With the right support, Garnet can be menacing but on her own she can be underwhelming. There are plenty of other bruisers who hit just as hard without sacrificing mobility.

Arya Stark MultiVersus Tier List

Arya Stark (C-Tier Character)

WB Games might have nerfed Arya Stark a bit too much when including her into the MultiVersus. Admittedly a Game of Thrones character would have to have their violent nature suppressed to an extent to let them into a family friendly game. But Arya unfortunately suffers from a lack on impact while being difficult to master.

Arya Stark is an assassin archetype fighter that relies on getting behind enemy defenses but she can suffer from tunnel vision when she has to fight against two enemies. Her skills quickly allow her to combine moving around and fencing but she lacks the offense to be considered a threat.

Velma MultiVersus Tier List

Velma (C-Tier Character)

The smartest characters know how to let others do their dirty work. Velma can humorously call the police to arrest her enemies and throw them off the ring once she collects enough clues. Her melee have decent range and can hit enemies without having to be too up close. It’s just that her playstyle can be underwhelming in the nature of MultiVersus.

Velma is a bit challenging of a character to get used to due to how unorthodox her gameplay is. She certainly has a unique moveset that allows her to buff allies and debuff enemies. Unfortunately gathering clues to use her most notable ability can be challenging in the state of the game currently.

Reindog MultiVersus Tier List

Reindog (D-Tier Character)

As an original that belongs exclusively in MultiVersus, Reindog is a support character that has a hard time catching up with other fighters. His special abilities are difficult to land hits with and can require precision and predicting where the enemy is going. This is tricky to do in the middle of a fight and there are plenty of other options who pack a better punch.

Reindog does leave debuffs and status effects against enemies which very useful. But when you compare it to other characters who have sheer damage and combo potential, this cute little alien just doesn’t match up.

The Iron Giant MultiVersus Tier List

The Iron Giant (D-Tier Character)

The Iron Giant is a hard character to ignore. Mostly due to his sheer size, which is more often a disadvantage than not really. It’s just hard to get around without taking hits from this giant metal with a heart gold. He has attacks that can cover ground but he can also easily get hit. Not to mention he feels stiff when moving around.

This big guy also comes with an unintentional disadvantage. It’s hard to keep track of other players who are controlling smaller characters. The Iron Giant is proof that size isn’t everything.

Who Is The Best Character In MultiVersus?

If we had to take our pick, Taz is one of the best fighters in MultiVersus because of his overall aggressiveness. This nimble fighter can move fast and hit fast with a strong special attack that can knock enemies out of the arena with little counter.

The Taz-nado is an easy and reliable move to execute. It can land multiple hits in conjunction and throw enemies out of the fighting ring. You can charge this special attack to let it deal more damage.

MultiVersus Tier List best character

Batman and Shaggy can be considered on the same level. While you probably never thought to ever read that sentence in your whole life, the larger-than-life meme character has gotten such a romanticized retelling that he can even go against heavyweights like Superman. The former is an well-rounded fighter having an attack for every occasion while the latter can heal allies, buff teammates, and a menace at hand-to-hand combat.

Will More Characters Join MultiVersus?

Yes, WB Games have confirmed that more characters are on their way to join the MultiVersus roster. So if you don’t see your favorite character on the list, keep your hopes up as there’s still plenty to add. More characters can potentially join after its release as DLC. Check out All Confirmed and Leaked MultiVersus Characters.

Some leaks have suggested that Rick the titular character from Rick and Morty and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings are also heading into the arena. This is subject to speculation as we don’t have an official announcement from WB Games. Just some early development screenshots that were leaked across the net.

Even if those two don’t come in to join the fun, we still have plenty of characters from DC, Cartoon Network, and Looney Tunes who could potentially join the roster.

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That’s our MultiVersus Tier List. We hope you found this article to be informative. We have more MultiVersus content for you, so stick around!

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