Overwatch 2 Roadhog Rework Leaks

Rumors of new changes happening to Roadhog in Overwatch 2


Roadhog is one of the favorite tank heroes in Overwatch. His skill in grappling and shooting ability at close range is something worth trying out for Overwatch players new and old. Recently, there have been leaks and rumors that Roadhog will undergo some rework in order to undergo some major balance changes for Overwatch 2. In this guide, players will learn what rumors and leaks Roadhog will go under, so read on.

Who is Roadhog in Overwatch 2?

Roadhog is a tank hero in Overwatch and a ruthless killer with a well-earned reputation for cruelty and wanton destruction. He wears a mask with hogdrogen inhalers, which contain a pressurized chemical mixture that helps counteract the effects of radiation exposure.

Who is Roadhog - Overwatch 2

He carries a custom-made shotgun called the Scrap Gun that fires shrapnel and uses a grappling hook to pull that enemy back to Roadhog and stun them. His ultimate is called Whole Hog where Roadhog begins to fire a broad cone of pellets in front of himself for a few seconds, dealing damage to enemies and knocking them back.

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Roadhog Rework Notes

According to several leaks and video commentary, Roadhog will receive a rework of skills and attacks in order to undergo some major balance changes for Overwatch 2. Below are the rumored skills and changes that Roadhog will undergo soon in the next update patch of Overwatch 2:

  • Scrap Gun
    • The primary weapon of Roadhog will remain the same and has two firing modes: single-shot mode and a burst mode. If players use the burst mode, it will fire 3 shots in quick succession but it will have a slower reload time and reduced accuracy.
  • Chain Toss
    • Roadhog will throw a chain at a target location and will deal damage to any enemies caught in the area of effect
  • Junkstorm
    • This skill will give Roadhog the ability to unleash a whirlwind of junk and knock back any enemy caught in the storm. He can move only slowly while using this ability
  • Hog Wild
    • Roadhog’s new ultimate is now known as Hog Wild as he will begin to turn into a giant temporarily. While in this form, his speed will increase and will charge through enemies dealing massive damage and knockback to anyone he hits.

When Will the Expected Change in Roadhog Begin?

There is no word on when the changes, or rather reworks, to Roadhog will be implemented. It’s too soon to tell, but more information about the game will be revealed soon on our main website, including the official Overwatch page.

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