Soul Hackers 2 Guide: All Academics Wanted Quest Answers

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Soul Hackers 2 All Academic Wanted Answers Guide

Knowledge is power and is the pinnacle of learning to overcome any obstacle. It is very important to know what you are doing-especially in Atlus’ newest game, Soul Hackers 2. In the game, there is a quest called Academics Wanted, and players must answer a series of questions correctly and will be rewarded for doing so.

You might be thinking why should this quest be completed? Not only is this quest a goal to get a 100% completion rate in Soul Hackers 2, but also, you will earn big money rewards which will be needed in the game. We, of Sirus Gaming, have made a guide to help players answer correctly the questions that will be given to them.

Soul Hackers 2 Academic Wanted Answers

Academics Wanted Quest answers

Unlock Requirement: After Fusing two Demons for the first time
Reward: 6,000 yen



What is the current name of the country where the story of Night Mokoi Originated?


What is the translated meaning of Jirae Koropokkur's name?

Dweller beneath the butterbur

Which demon is also known by the title count of death and destruction?


Academics Wanted (Again) Quest answers

Unlock Requirement: After fighting Ash in the Ozaki Hope Tower
Reward: 24,000 yen



What is the name of the demon said to seduce men and born from the demon Lilith?


Nezha Taizi is the Chinese heroic god in the form of a young boy. Whom did he fight?

Sun Wukong

The Raptor Muu Shuwuu was supposedly a girl who never knew love. What is she known to drain from her victims?


What two things is the Greeg god Dionysus associated with?

Drink and Theater

Academics Wanted (Yes, Again) Quest answers

Unlock Requirement: Gain access to the 24th Municipal Ward
Reward: 180,000 yen



Divine Power is a ranked title for angels. What is their original Greek name?


Which of these demons is known to have a great knowledge of both birds and jewelry?


Which evil dragon is famous for being slain by the Scandinavian hero, Siegfried?


Concerning the vampire Kudlak and the emissary of light, Kresnik. What color are their animal forms when they do battle?

Black and White

What is the name of the place of judgment where the Egyptian god Anubis weighs the hearts of the dead?

The Court of Osiris

Completing all these questions and answering them will be rewarding and will give players a chance to nearly complete the game at 100% and earn a platinum trophy.

Soul Hackers 2 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam) worldwide. The game comes in both Physical and Digital Editions. Each with its own bonuses. 

Not only that, the game has a special 25th-anniversary set that includes the game, a music album that has over 30 songs, a 25th-Anniversary book, DLC costumes, BGMs, accessories, and a figurine of AI Ho-Kun, and also Persona 5 costumes as well.

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