The Callisto Protocol: Habitat Walkthrough (Chapter 4)

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Habitat is the fourth chapter of The Callisto Protocol which follows the next leg of Jacob’s escape from the Black Iron Prison. The plan is to get to the tram to reach the evacuation station, but with the biophages mutating every second, escaping the prison in one piece is near impossible.

In this guide, we will go through the events in Chapter 4: Habitat of The Callisto Protocol, sharing tips and listing down any collectible that can be found in the chapter.

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The chapter picks up after Jacob climbs down the hatch and finds himself in another sector of the prison that is full of pipes. You first have to head towards the large cylindrical room by going down the ladder on the catwalk. There is a health injector that you can pick up as well as a Reforger that you can use for your gear. Once you’re done, go to the stairs in the middle of the room to proceed.

Chapter 4: Habitat Objectives

  • 4.1 Follow the red pipe / Data-Bios #13, #14, and #15
  • 4.2 Get code from guard / Data-Bios #16
  • 4.3 Enter the drainage pipe / Without a Paddle Achievement
  • 4.4 Reach the Biodome
  • 4.5 Get code from guard / Data-Bios #17 and #18
  • 4.6 Use keycode at the control panel
  • 4.7 Reach the utility hatch / Data-Bios #19
  • 4.8 Look for the fallen walkway

Follow the Red Pipe / Data-Bios #13, #14, and #15

In the lower level of the cylindrical room, locate the crate by the side of the wall. You can move this crate and use it as a way to climb some of the higher platforms in this area. Use it first near the center of the room to get some loot on top of it, then move it over next to the platform that has a loot crate on top. Finally, go through the vent where the box was as it leads to the Water Processing section.

You’ll then arrive at another section that is waist deep in sewage. You need to reach the wheel near the vent on the opposite side of the room, but midway your crossing, you’ll be ambushed by an enemy that will pop out from the sewage. Deal with this enemy then proceed to the wheel. Turning the wheel will make the vent open for you to climb into. Follow the vent and as you crawl through, you’ll see a guard getting yoinked by an enemy.

Once you’re out of the vent, prepare to use your GRP on an enemy to your right side; there are wall spikes nearby where you can hang them on to. Then, go up the nearby ladder where you can find a glass cabinet with some loot. Head to the left side and climb the crate to reach the upper platform where you can get Data-Bios #13: Dr. Caitlyn Mahler: Corruptors on a crate below the red pipe.

Go back down and locate the crawl space near the door where Elias’ hologram went through. The vent will lead to a dark room. Look for the blue glowing thing on the far right corner; this is a fuse that you can use for the fuse box nearby.

For the second fuse box, you’ll have to locate the next fuse which is on the other side of the room. You’ll get ambushed by a Corruptor on your way there, but it will flee after a successful QTE; you can either let it go or be ruthless with your combos and kill it right away. Don’t let your guard down yet as a Big Mouth will show up from the vent near the second gate fuse. Defeat it and then take the fuse to the other fuse box.

Don’t forget to check the corpse near the second fuse to get the Data-Bios #14: Ofc. Bruno Vorenus: Crosswired.

Head through the newly opened door and continue following the red pipe by turning right. Once you reach the lit area, turn to the left and you’ll see a ledge with a vent on top. Remove the vent cover with your GRP and crawl through the vent. This will lead you to a room with a bunch of loot. Once you’re done, go through the door whichh will take you back to the red pipe.

Make your way down the ledge and down the ladder up ahead. Continue following the path and wade through the water until you see stairs to the left and stairs up ahead. Take the path to the left first to get more ammo and credits, but be careful of any parasites.

Make your way to the stairs up ahead then use the wheel which will open a vent for you to crawl in. This vent leads to a room with a Reforger. There’s also a wheel nearby that spawns a bunch of parasites when used so prepare to fend them all off. This wheel opens up another vent in the sewer area you’ve been before, so after turning it, go through the door to get back to the sewer area and make your way towards the vent.

On the other side of the vent, continue through the gap then head towards the left to crawl to the next area. Go around to find a ladder that leads up to an open area. Prepare to get ambushed by another enemy in here. Proceed forward after killing the enemy and two more enemies will be charging from up ahead.

Turn right and right again, then follow the path to the right where you’ll find a ladder that leads to a fuse box. Grab the gate fuse and prepare to fight off against two enemies once you go back down.

Turn to the right again all the way to the Purification A gate to find a crate. Upon opening it, three more enemies will be charging at your direction. Use the nearby explosive to quickly take care of one of them.

Make your way back down and head back to the main path, but your way will be blocked by more enemies. Eliminate them and move forward; be wary of any enemies that will pop out from the sewage when you walk near the rails. Head towards the Access Hall H206 gate and place the gate fuse on the panel to open the gate.

Once inside, you’ll find another door on the right. Pass this for now and continue moving forward. You’ll arrive in a section where there’s a fuse box on the side. Grab the gate fuse and move it over to the fuse box on the right. You’ll arrive at another lab. Explore and loot the cabinets then check the corpse in the corner to get the Data-Bios #15: Dr. Jae Moon-Bell: Cocoons. After looting the crate and the cabinets, get the gate fuse and insert it in the panel to get back to the main hall. As you open the door, prepare to fight two enemies.

Make your way back to the gate that you passed and go in to proceed. Inside are some more loot you can get. Approach the consoles to trigger a hologram from Elias.

Get Code from Guard / Data-Bios #16

Head towards the two doors to the left. Both doors lead to the same location, but going for the farther door will allow you to quickly get to another office with more loot in it. Next, head to the lounge up ahead where there is a Reforger station plus a bunch more lockers that you can loot.

Proceed through the tight gap near the lockers where an infected guard is webbed on the wall; this guard is purely for a scare and will not attack.

As you open the door, prepare to be ambushed from behind. This enemy is a Mutated identified with their tentacles. If the tentacles are not destroyed quick enough, it will mutate into its more dangerous form. Once it’s dealt with, check on the corpse on the chair to get the Data-Bios #16: Ofc. James Reese: Keycode.

Head back to the control panel where there are more enemies waiting by now. You can easily dispatch them with the GRP and just throwing them into the pit. Once you use the keycode on the console, three Corruptors will show up and you have to fight them one by one. It’s going to be tricky attacking them as they are quick and can use camouflage. The best way of dealing with them is to anticipate as they attack, evade, then counter. The Skunk Gun can eliminate them in a few close range shots.

Enter the Drainage Pipe

Once the fight is done, climb the ladder and go down the hatch into the pipes. In the pipes, you can turn around first to get some health and ammo before moving forward. Once you’re far ahead, a cutscene will play showing the pipes getting flooded.

For this part, you’ll have to avoid the obstacles as you slide down along with the water surge by moving left and right. You’ll also be ambushed by Corruptors by the final leg of the ride, so prepare for QTEs. After surviving the ordeal, you’ll receive the Without a Paddle Achievement.

Reach the Biodome

Once you reach dry ground, look for the health pickups and ammo around before proceeding to the door. The next area is a long corridor where enemies will be charging at you. Try to take them on one by one and don’t forget to shoot at the tentacles once they get exposed. Also remember to stomp on them for good measure.

Exit the hallway and you’ll see another door. Past this door is another section where there’s a door in front and stairs to the right. Head through the door for now to get loot from the cabinets and lockers. Move the box away from the wall to reveal a crawlspace that leads to another section with more loot. Locate a hole in the floor to go down a level where the infection has spread everywhere.

Head to the path on the left first to get some loot, but be careful about a parasite inside one of the lockers. Then, go back out and crawl through the crawlspace to find a ladder at the end of the path. As you get to the top of the ladder, a Bloodworm will attack you. After killing it, check out the crate for some more loot. Then, follow the path through the door to get back at the split point where you can reach the Habitat Dome gate.

Go through the gate to finally access the Biodome. Activate the bridge to cross over to Oxygen Processing. Be careful as there is a security unit patrolling the area; you can slip by or eliminate it with headshots. It’s better to tag along it instead as it will pass by the door that you need to access and it’s route is quite long. Go to the left path and head to the Oxygen Processing building.

Inside the building, you’ll see another hologram of two guards. There’s also a Reforge station that you can use and some loot nearby.

Get Code from Guard / Data-Bios #17 and #18

The door up ahead is locked, so you’ll need to find the keycode from the guard shown in the hologram earlier. Check the left side path for a gap you can squeeze in to find the Data-Bios #18: Ofc. James Reese: Security. Head to the door on the side of the Reforger and prepare to fight against three enemies. Use the wall spikes to take care of them easily.

Head to the path on the right where there’s another grunt you can kill stealthily, then crawl under the gate to the next hall. You’ll then be ambushed by a Corruptor, kill it to continue. Walk to the end until you see a bloody vent and a door on the right. Go to the door on the right first for some loot then climb up the vent to reach the other side of the glass door and the Data-Bios #17: Sgt. Bill Pekelo that contains the keycode.

Use Keycode at the Control Panel

head over to the main room and interact with the control panel to use the keycode and lift the lockdown.

Reach the Utility Hatch / Data-Bios #19

Exit the Oxygen Processing building and then follow the path towards Utility to the left. Be careful as there will be a lot of Corruptors running around. If the security unit is still up, it can help take away the aggro and deal some damage, but it can also make the problem worse. Like before, wait for them to attack then just evade and counter while keeping all of them in sight.

Once you reach the Utility building, head to the left door and open it. Prepare to fight more enemies inside. Afterwards, go to the very end of the path to find the Data-Bios #19: Ofc. Kyle Serra: Evacuation.

Head back to the main room and go down the hatch. Go to the right until you see a wood mill surrounded by enemies. If your GRP has full charge and you’re carrying a bunch of batteries, you’ll be able to clear them off quickly. Just be careful to not be thrown into the mill yourself.

Look for the Fallen Walkway

Once cleared, go to the crawlspace on the far right and climb the fallen bridge to reunite with Elias. The chapter ends after the short cutscene.

Chapter 4: Habitat Achievements

Here are the achievements that can be obtained in chapter 4:

  • Without a Paddle: Survive the pipeslide.
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